The Cathedral City of Hereford is located alongside the beautiful River Wye and is known as the County Town of Herefordshire, home to a rural community of just over 53,000 local inhabitants it is the largest settlement in the County.  With its array of black and white buildings, the annual Three Choirs Festival, the stunning scenery and friendly locals, Hereford is a great place to live, work and raise a family.  Just sixteen miles East from the border of Wales, Hereford offers the best of both Countries, as well as plenty of fresh, clean air, the chance to participate in a variety of water sports as well as a great selection of land-based activities.

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Well-known locally and throughout the entire Country for its sales of Beef Cattle, Cider, Leather Goods, Poultry, Sausage Rolls, and Used Vans for sale Hereford.  This mainly agricultural and rural City is also quickly becoming known far and wide for boosting the sales of Used Cars and Vans with their dedicated, professional, experienced, locally based vehicle specialists such as  Offering  a wide range of quality, reliable, tried and tested Used Vans that all come with a valid MOT and comprehensive warranty ensuring Peace of Mind.

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With Farming being the main Industry in the City it’s taken a lot of hard work, dedication and a well-earned, prestigious reputation for the consummate professionals offering their range of quality Used Vans for sale Hereford to get where they are today.

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