Just one of the great benefits of having a modern, State-of-the-Art, Restaurant Pager System operating in your busy Restaurant, Café of Bar is that it allows your Customers to be in control of when your staff attend their tables.   Saving your busy, experienced team a great deal of time and allowing them to work much more efficiently.  These Smart Systems can be purchased from a reputable, professional, experienced Company such as https://www.dinggly.com/sectors-and-applications/kitchen-and-restaurant-pager-system.  Positioning a discreet control button on each table, the customer just presses that button when they are ready to place an order.  The signal is sent to each member of Staff via a tablet or mobile phone.  The Team member who is free to attend the Customers table presses an accept notification so that other Team members know they are on the way.

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Especially useful when your establishment is particularly busy, this unique System also allows the Chef and Kitchen Staff to signal the Team of Waiters and Waitresses that food or drinks are ready to take to the customers table. No more frustrated Customers, waiting to be served means a much happier Clientele and also your dedicated Staff will be able to operate a lot more smoothly and efficiently.

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After only a few training sessions your Staff will find these Systems easy to operate and having an efficient, contented Team and Happy Customers means more return business and more profits, allowing your busy Venue to grow, prosper and thrive.

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