Is there any other better business wear combination than a Navy Suit and a properly coloured and fitted dress shirt. The answer is probably no but others will certainly disagree with that and sight the Black, Grey or even, dare I say it, the Pinstripe. Maybe so but for official and social events, it often fits well and can be dressed down for a more informal look.

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It’s best to say what not to purchase first to determine what shirts to buy to go with your navy suit. Black and dark blue are clearly a bad choice, but so are darker shades of certain colours, like burgundy or dark grey. Many lighter colours are going to look amazing. However, good shirts are not inexpensive, so which shirts would give you the most versatility?

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Not unexpectedly, a classic white shirt needs to be the first pick. The crisp, tidy comparison to the navy is still chic, but without the black/white harshness. The other value of white is that in each pattern it fits for any colour tie – it’s pretty much foolproof. Nobody wants to wear a white shirt all day, though, so you probably should try a light pink one. Don’t be nervous, to make this a winning mix, one of the most attractive colours for any skin tone is pink and the navy suit undercuts every pastel sugariness. Light blue offers a navy suit a modern, trendy look, but make sure that it’s light enough. Pale yellow might look great, but not for everyone, so try it before you buy. A bit of Calvin Klein Menswear from EJ Menswear should see you right there.

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