The first reason you should use a Fuel Card is so that you won’t need cash. Gradually people have stopped using cash and are relying more on card. Not carrying cash is safer and fuel cards are lot more ideal for companies that use fleet operations as you will not have to get the money directly from the employer before every trip.

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The next reason to use a fuel card is because it can give you a lot more control over your company. This is because you can choose exactly what the card can be used for and even choose to only allow your fleet to fill up from specific petrol stations. This is ideal for preventing fuel fraud, and for keeping your company’s expenses as low as possible.

In addition, there is a huge variety of fuel cards to choose from meaning you can choose the one that will give you the best price. Visit, to see all of your options.

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Fuel cards are not only a safe option because they get rid of the need of carrying cash, but also because they use a PIN number system, similar to credit and debit cards so that payments are secure. Only the driver will know the number and in case it lost, it won’t be easily used by anyone who finds it.

Lastly, there are number of incentives when you have a fuel card. These awards may be supermarket points, or a discount at a specific petrol station. This can help you plan your journey and spending, so your company is saving as much money as it can on petrol.

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