Staff are the lifeblood of an organisation, and it is important that the whole of the workplace has a good vibe between workers if you want to improve productivity. If employees feel safe and secure in the building then they will be more willing to get up early in the morning and do their work well and they will look forward to coming to work every day. This is important for productivity, as when people are happy at work they will be more productive, and more likely to get more work done, because they will not feel so intimidated by what they are doing. Here are some ways to make an office feel more comfortable for staff:

Have some bright coloured wall hangings – A nice painting can really make a difference. If the walls are all white or grey, then people start to feel more uncomfortable and tense in the office. You should aim for a certain colour palette in your office, however, so that everyone knows what to expect, and you can all cooperate to make the place look as nice as possible.

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Make sure the office has a coffee machine, and plenty of cup holders – Staff need to be able to relax in the comfort of the environment that they are working in, and a coffee machine can help them feel more relaxed. If you have a lovely coffee machine, your staff might be less likely to hanker after escaping the office to grab a Costa!

Turn on the music you want – Make the volume of your music very low when people are working. This makes it more relaxing for them, and also helps them concentrate better. You could also consider adding plenty of plants as natural elements can also help calm people and encourage better concentration. Plants are also good at cleaning the air.

Keep the environment at a comfortable temperature. Consider fans or air conditioning for the summer and have your boiler regularly serviced so the workplace is toasty and pleasant in the winter. For Boiler Installation Cheltenham, visit a site like

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Be flexible with people’s working hours – Do something a little unique to make your office more comfortable for your employees. For instance, you might choose to close down half of the day for people to get away from the noisy office atmosphere, and spend some time having lunch with colleagues, or having a spa treatment in the evening. It’s also good to vary the times that different people are working so that everyone has a chance to work with different people from time to time. This is especially important for part-time staff who may feel like they miss out on certain aspects of team life.

There are many ways to make a workplace feel more like home. This will encourage employees to feel more comfortable, and keep them in the office for longer hours, so that the work gets done faster. This will result in more satisfied employees, and a better working atmosphere.


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