If you’re thinking of custom printing for your business, perhaps consider the benefits of the screen printing method. This is one of the most popular techniques for printing onto textiles, fabrics, canvasses, and many other products. Below are just some of the advantages of this method of bulk printing:

Ideal for big orders

One of the most significant benefits of screen printing is the ability to handle large and bulk orders. Big orders can cause considerable stress for businesses without the proper processes. Screen printing is the perfect choice for efficiency in high volumes. Find out more about Screen Printing Equipment by going to a site like mascoprint.co.uk/

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Produces an attractive finish

Compared to other techniques, screen printing offers vibrant colours. The transfer has no loss of detail or colour, and it’s the ideal choice for developing a wide range of custom designs, logos, and images. The ink used can be thicker than other methods, and more types of ink can be applied; this means greater possibilities for the range and quality of the finished piece.


Choosing screen printing means you can print much faster than with other methods, such as heat press methods. This explains why it is such a beneficial technique for printing bulk orders and is ideal for businesses that need to produce large volumes quickly.

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The preferred process for many businesses is due to its cost-effectiveness. In this challenging economic climate, profit is everything, and companies will be looking to keep costs down. Screen printing equipment can help with achieving this. The bigger the order, the lower the price per unit.


This equipment is highly durable and won’t require considerable maintenance and servicing. Designs created using this method can take multiple washing, don’t fade quickly in sunlight, and are highly resistant to the physical stresses of everyday use.


Screen printing is great for customising just about any garment or item. Logos and graphics can be applied to almost everything, so there is little restriction aside from your imagination! This printing process is highly versatile.


This technique is straightforward, and the process remains the same whether done by hand or automated. The equipment and parts are easy to replace should the need arise, and it’s a technology that hasn’t become obsolete like another tech.

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