characteristics of the entrepreneurs

The term “entrepreneur” often leads to asking questions to which it is not always easy to answer. Many people ask me: “How do I know if you are an entrepreneur?”

We can find many definitions of the concept of entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur, as a rule, is a person who turned an idea into a concrete project, this project can be for profit or for social purposes, but is generating innovation and jobs.

characteristics of the entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are not all alike, but we can mention some essential features, some common features that every business owner should have to achieve their objectives…

  • Have energy: When you start a project often encountered many difficulties. In order to address and overcome the entrepreneur must have sufficient physical and mental energy, so it does not overcome the first difficulty. The passion with which the employer does business is the engine that drives him to the goal. But the energy used must be rationalized and you must have the ability to know where when and how intensively to use it.
  • Think like an entrepreneur: It is necessary to take risks when embarking on an adventure driving on unexplored areas to find new innovative ideasCreativity and originality are two basic components in the mind of an entrepreneur, but they must be used without losing the critical sense that allows assessing the progress of the project and making the necessary corrections.
  • Believing in the project: In many cases there are obstacles in advancing the project. The first barrier is cultural; society often does not recognize or celebrate the entrepreneur. You must believe in the project and go ahead despite criticism that may come: from family, friends or colleagues, this is the first obstacle to overcome.
  • Allocate 100% of the time, resources, and efforts: In the enterprise will be the leader and also the leader of the team. So you will have to commit your time, resources, ingenuity and effort to advance your company.
  • Face challenges with a smile: Humans often react in crisis situations, change and risk accumulating stress. You will have to be prepared to not succumb in times of crisis, but face the challenges with a smile as organization and flexibility necessary time to ensure a successful outcome.
  • See failure as a step in the path to success: An entrepreneur is comparable with those dummies who fall back on and immediately after. Many business owners have experienced several failures before achieving success.
  • Stability in personal relationships: A businessman working in teams and must create a climate of harmony within the company, with colleagues, suppliers and customers. Sweep away the air of dissatisfaction, motivated and encouraged all members of the project.
  • Be a skilled communicator: Effective communication is the basis of good relations and business. This applies not only to express your ideas in a clear and specific, but also to listen and not break the chain of feedback. Communication must be bilateral, so the team members feel understood and taken into account. This will allow you to have different views and opinions.
  • Have the skills: The entrepreneur must know how to start and develop the company. In addition, to the desire and the passion they must possess knowledge and expertise on the production process and marketing channels. One should not exclude the support of a team of experts if necessary.

Finally, you will have to analyze what are the resources available to you and recognize what are your strengths and weaknesses, to know which aspects should be improved and what has needed the intervention of experts.

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