Mice are a lot like humans in that they seek a roof over their heads, something to eat regularly and somewhere warm and comfortable. If you suspect, or know, that you have a mouse problem, consider removing these elements from where the mice are congregating. Mice can cause a lot of damage to homes and businesses, despite looking cute. They can carry disease, chew through electric cables and contaminate foodstuffs.

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Are you unknowingly attracting these furry nuisances?

Mice like warm environments, especially heading into autumn when it starts getting colder. They feel the warmth radiating from your home and let themselves in.

Mice are also drawn to food, so if you have any food waste lying around, they will come and investigate. They will also chow down on cardboard, paper and even wires which makes them a real pest if they become established inside a property.

Clutter is another thing that mice enjoy. They will burrow and make nests in areas that are hidden, and this is easier to achieve in a cluttered, messy environment. This commonly occurs in areas like garages and attics where things are stored and not often cleaned out. Have a good clear out today with Carmarthen Skip Hire from Pendragon Skip Hire.

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Mice will enter a property through tiny cracks and gaps that might be hard to notice at first. It is a good idea to examine your property and seal up any cracks in walls, vents and the foundations to prevent mice from gaining access.

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