On many occasions the Community Manager is forced to work with certain clients as a freelancer, which means that he does not work in an office.

His office is usually his own home, and sometimes, it can be difficult to maintain productivity when we work like this. In an office, the environment is conducive to our work, we do not usually have distractions and it is easier to focus on our task, but at home, things change; There are always a thousand things with which we can distract ourselves, such as, for example, the same tasks at home, the thousand tasks that have to be done, unrelated to our work side.

Therefore, if we are one of those professionals who work from home, it is necessary to change the chip. During the time that we mark ourselves, our house is our office, and we have to be aware of the need to be as productive as we would be from an office.

For this, the main thing is to mark a work schedule in which we will only be developing our professional work, without letting any distraction affect us, otherwise, we will not be doing well. Our schedule should contemplate the beginning and end of our day, in addition to breaks, and we must comply with this plan.

We must create a routine establishing the order and priority of the tasks to develop during our journey. A good start to heat engines could be to answer the email, read and respond to those messages that we need to attend, prioritizing the messages in order of importance, and allocate a certain amount of time to this. The next task could be to see our social profiles, if someone has written or mentioned us and respond to those messages.

To work from our home it is essential to know what our limitations are, that is, to know at what times and at what times of the day we are more productive in order to get the most out of our task and not force the machine. If we do not give more of ourselves, what are we going to be working for? It is foolish to go against the grain if we know that after six in the afternoon we will not perform as we should.

On the other hand, it is essential for workers who develop their homework to disconnect on time. The fact of not working from an office does not imply working outside our working hours, and, just like when we left the office, we left the corporate accounts of Twitter and Facebook closed until the next day, when we work from home, we must do the same, disconnect from work to return with strength the next day and resume our work with enthusiasm, returning to the beginning of the daily routine.

Understood all this, could a Community manager really coordinate his work with other departments of the company or brand for which he works from his own home?

By ZsuNC

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