The way customers interact with brands and make purchasing decisions is evolving and it is more important than ever for businesses to invest in customer engagement. Let’s take a look at some successful strategies to enhance consumer interaction.

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Ask the audience

Holding Q&A sessions across social media can generate a buzz and promote interaction, boosting conversion rates when done successfully. Announce the intention for the session, research the interests of your followers, identify an expert to act as the host and answer questions, and allow users to discuss amongst themselves during the session.

Face any negativity

Customers and users of social media can be unpredictable in what they write, so anticipate possible negative feedback. You can’t please everyone, so try to take it in your stride and remember that it is important to respond. Start with an apology and don’t be aggressive in the heat of the moment. Check their profile for information that could aid your response and consider messaging them privately.

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Strengthen your reputation

Successful businesses nurture their reputation, so check how you appear on social media. Try to help users in your network and avoid over-promoting or pushing products and services. Give a down-to-earth vibe and show your human side. Sharing a personal profile or story of the people behind the business can help with this, improving how trustworthy and relatable your brand is seen to be. 45 per cent of buyers from a Sprout Social study report they are more interested in researching a product when a relatable person posts the content. You can further customise the consumer experience by personalising the content and offers on your website.

Branch out

Having your own community or group on social media can boost engagement, so relate it to your niche and invite colleagues to connect, reach out to admins of other groups, and persevere. Growth can take time.

Connecting with other communities is another excellent way to expand your reach, consequently growing your brand recognition and reputation.

Make sure your content and digital signage are memorable and engaging. Remember that professionals such as MoodMedia can help to enhance your brand.


Webinars are a more dynamic way of sharing content or knowledge. Choose your topics in terms of what is of interest to your customers and allow them to participate and ask questions during the broadcast.

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