If you’re looking for a sponsor for your local sports team, then worry not because there are some great benefits for local companies if you can effectively sell them the deal. The benefits for your team include financial assistance in the form of transport to matches, new kit or any other reasonable requirements. Even large premier league companies seek out sponsorship for their clubs and the companies will receive advertising on the teams kits, banners around the pitch and in programs etc.  Sponsors of course will benefit from the exposure of their brand as seen in a positive light. They will be looking to gain increased brand awareness and extra sales from this deal. It sounds like a win-win situation, right? So, how to find that sponsor:

Appoint a Manager

This is a project that will take time and effort. You also want to avoid different people speaking to different local businesses, losing track of progress and looking disorganised. It can still be a team effort but all communication should be through one point of contact. Choosing someone who has experience of business, sales or negotiation skills would be a wise move. Sponsorship is the life blood of may clubs and you want to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

What do you need?

Formulate a clear, concise plan of exactly what you’re asking for before you go into meetings. A deal is far more likely if you can be upfront about exactly what their money will be buying. Before you speak to any local businesses, be sure to gather the team together and discuss ideas and prioritise needs and wants.

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What can you offer?

Think about the kind of businesses that you approach. What are their goals and brand message? You can offer things like having their logo on your kit, banners at your venue, their logo on your social media pages, an information booth at your events, a link to them on your team website or sponsored giveaway competitions. Try to connect with companies who would be interested in reaching out to your target audience as it could be a demographic they are keen to connect with. Do plenty of research on the companies you contact so you can effectively target your approach. This is why you find many lifestyle companies and utility companies sponsoring football teams as the fans at the match and those watching on the TV will all be in need of the items that are advertised. The companies have a captive audience. You will also want to consider the ways in which you can advertise the companies. Will it be on TV, in your football stadium and on the Digital Signage Solutions that you use around the pitch and indoor areas. Highlighting which areas are available will then help you to identify your sponsorship packages and their prices.


Look super professional by offering them a range of sponsorship packages. This will make it easier for the companies to choose a package that suits their budget and time commitment. To get solid figures on which to base a cost, think about how many people attend your games, how many visitors you get on your website and how many social media followers you have. Take along evidence to support this to show during your meetings to impress with how serious and dedicated you are.

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Which businesses?

It’s far easier to connect with local businesses that you already have a link to. Maybe there are businesses that friends, players and their family members have connections to already. Sporting companies are a good place to start and also those who have sponsored teams in the past as they will be more likely to do so again. Set up a spreadsheet with at least ten potential companies to contact. Make sure you tailor your letter to each individual contact and include an introduction, your potential, why you want them to sponsor you, lay out what you’re asking for and include a call to action.

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