The world of new technologies is full of technicalities and the less strange words that make up a most bombastic jargon. More often than desirable arise new of these terms, which should be updated in order to be able to follow the conversation.

So, here’s a list of 10 parabolas and expressions of Geek:

Solomo. It is short for Social, Local and Mobile. The inevitable mix between social networks and their relationship to our immediate environment, through the use of our beloved smartphone. Users search for information related to the place you are. Mediative indicates that 35% of them performs these searches 1 to 3 times per week.

10 buzzwords on mobile marketing you should knowBig Data. Every day millions of data are generated in the world, valuable information about user behavior, needs and consumer trends. Our ability to analyze the data and draw conclusions may depend on the success of our marketing plan, the design of our new product or convertibility of the web.Information is power, but we must seize it .

Geolocation. Mobile devices can transmit at all times our exact location, capacity leveraging users to share all times where and who they are. Hence the great success of Foursquare, whose lies in geolocation.Facebook and Twitter have not hesitated to implement this data in your messages. This enables companies to offer personalized information to users in a given area, with great potential to convert.

Engagement. The magic word pursuing all brands in their online marketing actions. It is generating that link with the audience, so that impact on interactions, replicas and therefore more widely for the brand.But the most important point is to establish a more direct and personal relationship between brand and user, which gives way to loyalty.

Two – way conversation. One of the great advantages that allow smartphones is to interact at any time, from anywhere. On the other hand, social networks facilitate the conversation you to you, on a personal level.Thus the user can contact directly with the brand, regardless of where you are and talk directly with her.

Campaign 360. Are those actions that include all, both online and offline, possible channels through all existing devices; what we have always known as global campaign.

Second Screen. A concept born from the proliferation of mobile devices, and full integration into the daily lives of users. These smart appliances accompany their owners in their leisure time, and have become as inseparable complement to television. Enjoy commenting on social networks programming they are watching, or looking for more information about your favorite actor or singer. An opportunity for brands they know tobe there, and show them the right content.

Native advertising. This is a type of online ads that appear to be information. Aesthetically confused with the style of the rest of the page content, although they appear along with a message indicating that they are advertising. Such is the case of sponsored stories from Facebook, or Twitter Promoted Ads.

Agile Marketing. A term describing the responsiveness to suit a particular situation or particular time. The online medium allows make changes in real time, be flexible and react in a timely moment. A skill that can be very fruitful.

Snackable Content. These pieces of content are focused on a single basic idea, so that are easily assimilated by the audience. Furthermore, its format facilitate download mobile, as well as being shared, thereby increasing its vitalization.

What is the term stranger with whom you found? What other could add to complete this relationship?

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