We are many that we think that, in the not too distant future, customer service will be carried out via social networks, that is why large and small companies should focus their efforts to do the best possible given the power of viralization of these. 

The force with which a rumor runs in social networks is such that it can take you to the top of success or send you into the deepest of hells. Therefore, we believe that this type of customer service is a fundamental pillar that companies have to take into account. 

10 Essential Guidelines for Improving Customer Service on Social NetworksAccording to the recent study by NM Incite, the Report on the State of Service of Customer Service in Social Networks, 47% of active users in Social Media demand a service of customer service through social channels, If you have a company,

  • The customer is the most important The customer has to give it the importance it deserves, that is, everything. Remember that your company is what it is thanks to it.
  • Education Treat your client with the education that you like to be treated already and you deserve. Do not forget that you are the link between your company and them and a good deal and image is indispensable.
  • Knowing how to listen He who does not know how to listen will never know how to solve an incident or request to his client.
  • Follow up As long as the request or incidence of your client is in process, inform him. Get in touch with him assiduously to show him how he’s doing. So your client will see that you worry and that your problem has not been forgotten.
  • Empathy A basic and essential point for those who work in a customer service. Create a link with the client in which you see that you are able to understand your problem and that you will do everything possible to solve it.
  • Humility Park your arrogance and take the complaints of your customers as “constructive criticism”.
  • Auto answers No mention of them !!
  • Be agile and decisive Time is pressing and more for your client. Do not sleep on your laurels !!
  • Privacy Be careful when requesting personal information from your customers. Always privately.
  • Thank you Finally, you must show your appreciation for your loyalty and demonstrate the importance that the client has for your company.

And always remember this: “The best business card that your company can have, is a satisfied customer”

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