We’ve already looked at 10 ways to improve your website’s SEO. Here are 10 more things to try.

10 More Easy SEO Tips for Small Businesses

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1. Create Great Content

High-quality relevant content is what will keep visitors coming to your site, so don’t skimp on creating the very best content that you possibly can. According to Search Engine Land, it’s the standard of your website content that provides the foundation for your entire SEO campaign.

2. Provide Long-Lasting Quality Content

You may capture the zeitgeist with some of your content, but ideally you need to include plenty of content with a long shelf life. Transient content will only support your SEO efforts for a limited time, but evergreen content will keep on working for you for months, if not years.

3. Don’t Go Keyword Crazy

You need to include some keywords, but use too many and your content starts to look distinctly ‘spammy’. Even if the search engines don’t mark you down for it, your readers won’t enjoy reading it. Write for your visitors, not for the search engines.

4. Choose Your Web Development Agency Carefully

Black-hat SEO techniques won’t do you any favours in the long term, as search engines take a dim view of such practices and will penalise you for them. Always look for a reputable SEO services company with a solid track record, such as http://www.elevateuk.com/seo-services/.

10 More Easy SEO Tips for Small Businesses 2

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5 Keep Up with SEO Developments

Search engines never stand still, so try to keep abreast of the major new developments to ensure that your SEO campaign remains relevant.

6. Don’t Rely on Google

Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and adjusting their criteria for search results, so don’t be a slave to them. Use other outlets such as social media and email lists to build your customer base too.

7. Add a Blog

A high-quality industry blog can increase your reputation within that industry, attracting potential new customers.

8. Update Your Blog Regularly

Try to add new content on a regular basis to keep your site relevant.

9. Adopt a Good URL Structure

Ideally, your visitors should easily be able to pinpoint what a page is about simply by checking the URL.

10. Use Internal Links Within Your Site

Look for articles and pages dealing with a particular theme and link them together to improve the visitor experience and your search engine rankings.

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