What Mistakes Do Businesses Make When They Hire SEO Campaigns? What are the truths and lies of a positioning strategy?

There are many affirmations circulating on the Internet when it comes to referring to web positioning. But not all are true. The network circulates myths that, if taken into account, can spoil an SEO campaign. The online marketing agency SEOCOM, offers us an interesting analysis of the most common mistakes that companies comment on when hiring a positioning strategy.

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid in an SEO StrategyGood, pretty and cheap SEO consultant

As Arturo Marimon points out, SEO Consultant, companies should be wary of those companies that offer cheap SEO campaigns, “do not exist. In the long run, this is expensive, it’s SEO for today and hungry for tomorrow. ” With the hodgepodge of companies in the network that “say” offer good positioning campaigns, companies, may be tempted, when this is a problem in the long run, “the problem of hiring a service that is not expert are the penalties. Before Google launched its latest major update, Pinguim, about 70% of websites that pay attention to these tips would have chances of being punished by the search engine and now this percentage would have increased to 95%. ”

I do not need SEO

Another one of the mistakes in which numerous companies that have a web are incurring is to consider that they do not need an SEO campaign. Failure to do so, in addition to losing positions, and therefore visibility, can be subject to penalties for duplicate content, 404 errors, “negative” SEO attacks, etc.

I do not sell because I do not have visitors

SEO is a sales channel but not the only one. It must be reinforced by a solid commercial structure, and by a consciously planned strategy, “before you do SEO you have to have tested your product, price, usability, design and analytics,” says Marimón.

Good content is enough

As Marimon points out, good content is not enough, it has to be extraordinary. To do this, you must detach yourself from the rest and create content that is not boring. On the Internet there is a permanent excess of information, so you have to try to differentiate yourself. And that content has to be defined by a clear strategy.

Content is king

This, Marimon comments, is a half-truth. You can create extraordinary content and post it and wait. But, this is a mistake. For the links to arrive, you need “influential” friends to read and link. There are a couple of free tools to search for “influencers” and to know who is sharing the content of the competition: TOPSY and MentionMapp.

Imitate the naturalness of links

This is impossible. Google does what Marimon calls “controlled anonymity.” That is, if a person is dedicated to self-promotion of their content in a massive way, Google, you will know, “the number of variables that Google can read to know if the authority of a content is by real people or has been” manipulated “is very big. And thanks to Google+, Android and Chrome a lot older.”

To reach the competition I need more than 1500 links

In the positioning influence many more variables than the quantity. It influences, for example, the quality of the link or the competition that exists.

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