Users rely on your smartphone for information on the place and time in which they find themselves. A need that has brought about the development of geolocation. Mobile devices offer more than interesting facts about the personal characteristics of each individual, such as where you are, age or gender, along with social networks you use. Information that users are willing to share with brands, if this get a better user experience.

Applications and mobile advertising can also bring customers to the stores off lineBusiness Insider US indicates that 74% of smartphone users use services based on geolocation. And it is not there the matter. 75% of mobile users are more willing to take action from a proposal based on geolocation, even 55% is more willing go to a store after receiving this type of specific messages. Instead, as popular practices and to do check in are falling into disuse. Only 12% of American adults share their location in this way, compared to 18% last year.

The geolocation is much more than Foursquare. Applied to mobile marketing strategy can substantially change the results of the campaign. It is estimated that there are approximately 770 million smartphones, geolocated by GPS, which is a big target audience which offer a product specially designed depending on where you are.

The study published this summer by mediative collected the most demanded products locally by mobile users are related to fashion and food.1 in 3 respondents used their mobile at least once a week. Meanwhile 45% recognizes that recorded their location in an establishment if this got any discount or offer.

Business Intelligence data show that mobile advertising and applications are able to bring customers to the store. It is designed to capture the target audience right at the moment you are looking for a related service strategies. Therefore, it is already in the phase of purchase, and there is a greater likelihood that complete the cycle. Hence the need to create those opportunities, designing a strategy based on geolocation, in order to capture the customer in the area of immediate action the establishment.

Therefore, should focus actions, directing them to specific strata of the population, depending on their location. This will provide the right message, just when your target audience is in your range. This engagement can be generated, improving the quality of the interactions, increase conversion, and consequently, increase profits. The geolocation is the compass that helps guide us in this sea of content flowing every moment.

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