Digital marketing is positioned as a scenario of greatest interest to marketers in this immediate future. Undoubtedly, the evolution of the various channels and means where brands and companies develop their actions and strategies marketing, have been a major change in the way we communicate in recent times. So much so, that the last report highlights the view Adobe marketers, of which, 76% believe that marketing has changed more in 2 years than in the previous 50.

Are professionals really prepared for the new challenges of digital marketingThis reality raises serious doubts when choosing which areas of digital marketing will be most effective.

Em this regard, 13% of participants in the “Digital Stress: What Keeps Marketers up at Night” bet on the average Social Marketing as one of its priorities within the framework of their digital strategies. On the other hand, 12% believe that the ability to segment your message, and deliver a personalized experience will be key to success, followed by the shares of digital advertising (11%) and the development of an integrated strategy across all channels (10%). Although it should clarify that the application of either strategy will always depend on the brand, its target audience and the objective pursued by the campaign.

Another concern for these marketers is about their ability to meet the new challenges of digital marketing.

Almost half of marketers (48%) admits he is no expert in digital marketing;Furthermore, only 1 in 3 qualify your company as truly good in this regard.82% of digital marketing professionals admits not having received formal training, but their knowledge is based on experience at work. In contrast, the area itself is the dominant branding (70%), or design shine actions where creativity and innovation (63%), an amount applicable to the marketing of content (62%).

One of the main barriers lies in the difficulty in measuring ROI (83%), which makes it difficult to meet customer expectations. 68% of respondents feel particularly concerned to demonstrate the ROI of their actions. 40% feel relatively satisfied with the result of its strategy, while only 9% are convinced that the campaign works perfectly.

However, the confidence degree by these professionals in the digital marketing is very high. 66% believe that companies can not develop an effective marketing strategy if it does not have a digital component. Therefore, 75% of companies invest in digital technology, while 53% will increase its workforce with professionals in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a reality that has revolutionized traditional communication strategies. The new era demands new strategies and qualified professionals who master the digital arts, in order to develop truly effective strategies to reach customers wherever they are.

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