Google officially reported the launch of its new indexing algorithm called “Penguin” . A few weeks ago, it was publicized as the algorithm that would penalize spam and “over optimization” techniques. What in my town is commonly called “to pass three peoples,” come on.

The 25th was a day of uncertainty, but the 26th was the hecatomb. Most “good” sites had lost between 15 and 30% of traffic from search engines by key factors.

There are a lot of conjectures; (some crazy) about what are the main reasons for this loss of traffic. However, between my tests and the articles that I am reading during all these days, I can give you some keys to avoid feeding the penguin and that it ends up swallowing our web.

The first is not to stray from the Official Google Guide . If you stick to the letter to what it says, you can rest easy.

However, we know that we are always looking to stretch the rope to the maximum to achieve some extra positioning points. Therefore, I list those things that you can forget forever.

Inbound links purchased

Perhaps the cause of 90% of losses, is due to this point specifically. For the things that I am seeing, the bond buying and selling agencies have their days numbered. The random “anchor text” and out of the binding logic of the site, will make you plummet in the positions.

Triangulated inbound links

He is the younger brother of the one above. It is neither more nor less than joining together to exchange links between our blogs generating a triangle (or circle) of mutual references. The logic tells Google that this is not possible, so all together go to the bottom.

In fact,

And how to see how and in what way my site is linked?

With this tool , you put your URL and in the Anchor Text tab , you verify that your website is linked by coherent terms related to your brand or your company.

Number of domains per company (assumption)

It is actually mentioned in the guide, but I had never heard of anyone penalized by this topic. In fact, I have not seen anyone yet; but in documents of reference blogs it is mentioned that if your company has bought, and re directed, more than 5 domains with names related to the activity of your company, prepare yourself for the bite of the penguin.

Super white hat

White hat, is the term that is used as an antonym of black hat, which is the way in which techniques are called contrary to those recommended by Google).

Well now, to pass “good” will also be penalized. For example: abuse of the bold and underlined text, abusively repeat the priority keyword, force the slugs to repeat the keywords within the URL’s, etc.

Forced redirections via JavaScript

This was already penalized from before, but the Doorway Page, are being particularly punished. Even those that remain within the same domain.

Ghost Blogs

Today, it is not very difficult to get two, three (or those that need) blogs on free platforms, with the sole purpose of writing two posts (or none), and attach the link to my main domain in the sidebar. Well, leave saying goodbye to the indexing achieved by those sites.

Spam in the comments

If you have a blog and receive a lot of spam, prepare the handkerchief. Because apart from the work that it will mean to erase them, you will be a fresh fish for the penguin. Try to have installed the Akismet plugin or a comment system via JavaScript that “marks” the links so that they do not direct positioning towards the domain of the spammer.

Sites marked as malware

Many widgets, plugins and the rest are perfect targets to introduce malware within the sites. Check that this is not your case, because Google will penalize these sites very strongly. To avoid this, the easiest way is to register your site in Google’s Webmaster Tools and frequently check the Malicious Software section.

As I said before, this is what I know firsthand or from reliable sources. We will have to see all how this penguin evolves and feeds over the months. So far, I have not seen major messes in places that do things properly. But if you have been unfairly harmed, Google has made this form available so you can make your disclaimer.

If you know any other point of conflict to which we should pay attention or a specific case of penalty, I would love to hear your opinion.

By ZsuNC

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