Again and again we hear the same old argument that we should not focus on getting links “high quality”, we should focus on developing content that promotes organic linking the brand itself. I totally agree with this statement, but I see companies misinterpret this too often.

If you have a small local company and have a relatively small budget for online marketing campaign, be spending that money on a flashy computer graphics will be the best use of these resources? Surely not.

Content Marketing, a powerful tool also for SMEs and small businessesBig brands against local businesses or SMBs

Marketing objectives for local SMEs and multinational companies or brands are often very similar, at least on a basic principle, both want to establish their brand as a leader in its field and in the geographic areas they serve.

The big difference here is that a local company is looking for high levels of brand exposure to their customers on a micro-level, ie, they want to reach their customers within the area that serve only. Major brands also want maximum brand exposure to customers, but at a macro level, want to be recognized worldwide, and for this they have to spend much.

This is where the Content Marketing of these two types of businesses becomes different.

Content Marketing is EVERYTHING

When we think of Content Marketing, usually we think of articles, text, Web pages and images. This is one of the biggest reasons for failure in content marketing campaigns. Linear and have a very limited view of what the content will only lead us to restrict and lose possible good results.

  • The content is  the staff of your company.
  • The content is  the design of your store.
  • Content is in t us products and services.
  • Content is  on the menus of the tables.
  • The contents are  the values of your company.
  • The contents are  your customers.
  • The content is what  all.

Let me dwell a bit on the points I have made above. Take the example of a coffee shop on the corner.

Also your staff is Content Marketing

Most local businesses are heavily focused around delivering a high level of customer service to get a positive feedback for your business. Here lies a great opportunity for content that will promote knowledge and scope of your brand, not only in your geographical area, but beyond.

In a business like a cafeteria, the staff is as important as the food / drink itself. In some cases, they are more important, if possible. If you build your image basing it on a great customer service that sets you apart from your competitors, then, believe it or not, people will talk about you. Given the work that members can spend working within the correct interaction with customers outside the establishment, such as social networks.

Be creative with your personal

For years, the major international brands have been looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Just look at companies like McDonalds, Telepizza, Hooters, …; all you saw the world recognize as personal and as is his work clothes. A simple thing that has led them to where they are today, and that has become one of the most emblematic pieces of Content Marketing within the restaurant industry.

I’m not saying you should start making all your personal use short skirts and tight tops, Hooters style, but what if I say is that you can give your team a unique advantage over your competitors, some creative content.

For example, I visited a bar where coasters contained a QR code that gave you the chance to get a 10% discount on the following consumption and some had shirts printed also with QR codes, I did not dare take aim with my phone, lol but there they were.

Its products are content

It is not necessary to have a unique product in the world and sometimes this is not really possible within industries standardized products. Let’s look at the example of the cafeteria.

We could say that our cafeteria sells a wide range of cafes, some snacks and a selection of cakes. The first thing that would happen to make it stand out from the competition is  the quality of the products that you sell in your cafeteria.  The only problem is that it is difficult to prove the quality of these products for the untested. In addition, when all your competitors can say the same. With this in mind, why not try something a little different?

The final images produced with chocolates and coffee foam itself creating something visually appealing to the consumer is always an excellent idea.To be honest, have been served in front of me, the first thing I did was cry a “How handsome !!” and then take a picture and share it on Facebook / Twitter ..

The brand image of your business is content

Values, culture and vision of your company, says a lot about your brand.Multinational brands use their slogans as one of its most valuable assets in terms of Content Marketing. Sure “Just Do It”, “Impossible is nothing” “Because I’m worth it” or “Open Happiness”, you know what I’m talking about, this can be the same for local businesses, you sound but different scale .

Your customers are satisfied

Yes, it’s true … your customers are happy too. If you have a local business, then it is very likely that you are customer facing a lot of time, take advantage.

I worked in a recent campaign with a restaurant Portugalete (Bizkaia), where we find an eating contest menu free day once a week for a year in the restaurant. All I had to do to enter the draw was entering his Facebook page, send a tweet (which we had pre-defined) and also give some information about your experience in the restaurant. We ended up with more than 750 entries in Facebook about their experience in it. Twitter account seemed crazy during the campaign. But most important is that we get through social networks that were already customers with their opinions made a lot of people end up talking about the brand.

The content is ALL

As you may have noticed now, the Content Marketing does not just mean blog articles or web. The Content Marketing can come in the form of all sorts of things, both online and offline. The important thing is to understand the ultimate objective of content marketing strategy and how it is, reach new customers by the quality of everything that encompasses the company.

By ZsuNC

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