2014 will be another year of rapid development for marketers. Over the past year 2013, the advertising landscape evolved and this year, will accelerate to keep pace with changes in consumer behavior.

For Brian Boland, VP Product Marketing Facebook, digital advertising strategies will focus on the impact of mobile, significantly improving ad relevance through segmentation. You will learn how to make the 100% customer interaction and re-define the art of building a brand.

However, Boland himself has not missed the opportunity to expose their discretion some other predictions and trends relaciondas where social and mobility are becoming increasingly important.

Digital advertising strategies will focus on the impact of mobileThe term ‘social media’ is used increasingly as marketers take advantage of digital platforms such as Facebook, as vehicles for awareness and interaction on a massive scale.

With the massive adoption of social platforms, we have finally reached the tipping point. The term ‘social media’ will disappear gradually with the continuous transformation of digital platforms to become a more effective way of relating to people and meet the main objectives of marketing, such as sales at stores or Internet.

Periods of prime time (prime time) will be constant, every hour, every day, with a steady increase in the time spent on digital networks, especially in mobile devices.

Brands are an important and attractive part of everyday life is true. Every day, people spend more time on their mobile devices and are related to its digital platforms more than any other medium. You reach consumers at different levels is no longer restricted to historical definitions of those “prime time”. Now brands can reach people with an incredibly relevant content anytime, anywhere, at different scales.

Marketing experts take mobility for their brand building campaigns.

The mobile is a medium used at all hours and every day. As the first ‘truly’ global technology, strategy online marketing remains now or at least should maintain a close relationship with its mobile strategy. Depend more on platforms like Facebook, especially in its mobile version, as part of their brand building strategies. And although big jobs will be in many different screens, in 2014, the marks will be discovered, first, in the mobile world. A long time ago that mobility has evolved to be based not only related to direct response goals, and branding has evolved from being just a logo on a web page. With the construction of the brand, it is people, connecting them, attract them , influence them , and somehow also inspire them . In addition, mobility is now the medium through which all this happens.

Digital marketing tools will create a more egalitarian context for businesses of all sizes. These tools to define and measure audiences, accessible only to big brands with big budgets, now available for small businesses.

All companies need to reach new potential customers. The formula for success is a combination of segmentation capability, messages and measurement frequency. All these components are available in digital and mobile way, and have never been these tools as accurate or efficient in reaching the right people. Data agreements are not only the land of the big brands. Now, small businesses have access to these tools, helping to democratize the market.

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