If you have ever come to think that the e-mail marketing had the days counted, by now you will have realized that you were wrong; E-mail marketing continues at its peak, it has been able to evolve and adapt to new technologies, having nowadays great acceptance thanks to its great effectiveness.  There is no doubt that it remains at the crest of the wave, according to Forbes is the second channel with greater convertibility, positioning itself after SEO.

E-mail marketing A winner in the saga of The ImmortalsAnd e-mail has become an authentic immortal of our time, and despite the fact that new channels and media such as social networks have opened new channels of communication to businesses, e-mail marketing is still a powerful weapon for business.

If marketing was a saga, and the saga was that of the popular immortals, directed by Russell Mulcahy and starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery, e-mail marketing would be the real winner.

What are the secrets of his immortality?

It is perfectly measurable. Today there are mailing platforms that provide complete statistics on the opening rate, the time the message was opened, the number of clicks and even who opened it.

It offers valuable information that allows you to know the customer in detail. The analysis of the statistics also provides qualitative data of high value, very useful to find out the behavior of the recipients, which allows to know in more detail the preferences of the audience, in order to adapt the message to the maximum; In addition to establishing behavior patterns that are closer to the reality of the target audience.

It allows high segmentation of the message.It is possible to have databases classified according to very specific sociodemographic criteria. Although, everything is said, the ideal is that each brand gets its own leads, in order that you can get your message specifically to those recipients who have voluntarily requested.

From massive email to personalized message. This information allows the design of a completely personalized, with the appropriate content, at the most opportune moment, to get directly to the recipient, achieving a greater effectiveness of the campaign.

It is a type of information well received by users,Who subscribe on their own initiative to receive information and news. If managed properly it can become an effective channel of direct communication.

It is a very versatile medium, with which you can transmit both information and promotional content, from the presentation of the latest news to a call to direct action. The new advances in programming make it possible to design a very visually attractive mail, including images and graphics, in order to attract the attention of the customer and provoke their interaction.

It can have an immediate convertibility,Both online and offline. It is an online marketing tool whose response can lead the customer to take action, either with a purchase, a budget request or any activity for which it was designed.

It enjoys high credibility and acceptance by users. 50% of customers like to be informed about the company’s news, and 41% welcome news about trends in the sector, according to the recent study The Social Habit.

It favors a direct contact with the client, and promotes its fidelity. 27% of customers open emails because they like the brand.

Increases brand recall, and builds confidence.If the company is constant and offers quality content, the receipt of the mail can be considered as a periodic courtesy visit by the brand to the customer’s inbox, which gives the image of solvency and seriousness by the brand .

One of the main reasons for its survival over all these years is that it is a more economical medium than other marketing actions, which achieves a high impact at a relatively low cost. Do you use e-mail marketing campaigns in your strategy? What is your greatest advantage to you?

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