It is good to know that SEO for your website in Google is very important, and in fact is the technique most profitable long – term marketing, but it is also important to put in your knowledge is not static. When you design the website and optimized for SEO on Google, then you need some maintenance and keep working to update your positioning strategy to keep privileged positions. This happens for two reasons:

– Your competitors are not standing still, and google is likely to want to reward them for it

– If you do not update your website for SEO, google will interpret that as you are a web too static and can penalize you for it

How to keep your website positioned for SEO on GoogleKeeping positioned for your website on google SEO

To keep your “status” in google, I recommend the following very focused on SEO, but before touching anything looks well what the words are keywords that will bring more traffic to take this into account (analytics and webmaster tools):

1- Update your web content: As have looked what keywords are important to you, renew some texts and make a good structure with “headings” (H1, H2) taking into account a good density (%) keyword.

2- Add relevant to your web “backlinks”: looking for relevant websites in your industry and look to collaborate in some way to get a link pointing to your site. To locate these websites you can use a tool such as Ahrefs.

3- Produce more content: if you already have a blog associated with your website is try to write more articles of interest to the user taking into account your Google key words. If you do not have the blog is your best tool to keep your web positioned to SEO.

4- Optimize images on your website: what you can do is add “tags” and a description of the photo to be found by google in the category of “images”. If that party is better indexed results will search for images and will also increase the overall positioning.

5- Connect your web content with a Google+ account: We like it or not, google + is now one of the most important factors for SEO so you better give court to issue. You can start by opening an account and enter an icon in the “home” of your website.

6- Shipping newspaper “sitemap” web: the “sitemap” is like the “real state” of the web for google, or put another way, which is currently indexed. Using webmaster tools, there is an option for every 7 days e.g. send the “sitemap” to google.

7- Use internal links: Use text fragments that are related (anchor text) for “linkar” to other pages within your web. That is not one of the most important factors to take into account but it helps.

Finally, it is important to check that the central structure for seo of your website (title, meta description, Meta Keywords) remains at matching search trends. He thinks people is changing the way it has to look for information in google and that can affect a keyword ceases to be important for example.

What are for you the most important tasks to keep the SEO of a website on Google?

By ZsuNC

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