If you’re trying to market your food business and have started a blog, you might be wondering about how best to take photographs of your food. For help with a Food PR campaign, visit Leapfrog PR. You will want to display your delicious meals in the best way possible to get lips licking and stomachs rumbling! Here are some tips:

Get the lighting right – The very first thing to understand is lighting. Recognise how intense the light is and how it falls on the food. Natural light is always preferable so avoid overhead lighting and using a flash. Move to different rooms to find the best light, it doesn’t have to be the kitchen.

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Try a variety of different angles, like from directly above or at 45-degree angles, for example. Pizza looks best from overhead and drinks look best when staged at a 45-degree angle. Move the dish around and take multiple snaps until you find the perfect shot.

If the colours don’t come out right, you can edit your photos and use a software with white balance to make them better if they are too blue or too yellow, for example. White balance helps to make colours really stand out.

For blurry shots, consider using a tripod to prevent camera shake. A quicker shutter speed can also help, as will moving to an area with better lighting.

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Remember that professional photographers of food will use special lenses that narrow the field depth and pinpoint the subject. Software is then used to adjust the original images. Play around with some cheap lenses and software and your photos could drastically improve.

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