All of us who are involved in Social Media do not fail to hear advice, in many cases correct, about how and when to listen to the client, or the reason why we should care sincerely for their needs, applying whatever the activity or type of business a type of action or strategy that can serve us.

If we attend our clients and / or followers correctly, they can undoubtedly become the best natural prescribers for our own business. However, this is not at all something proper or genuine of social networks. However, if it is something that we can replicate and from which we can take an example in many types of businesses as traditional as a simple bar.

And I wonder: Is not that how our favorite bar treats us?

  • A good bar dependent, that we like so much:
  • He greets us by our name
  • He knows what we like and he asks us (sincerely) how we are doing.
  • It lets us talk and tries to contribute something that helps us.
  • When you have a new product, it suggests that you try it, but without pressing to buy it (normally it offers you a FREE sample).
  • It is easy that more than once you do not charge that peak in the cost of your drinks for being a known or regular customer. For example: “For being you, give me ONLY 10 euros”.
  • If you have not been to your bar for a long time, he will ask you, with all the delicacy of the world, which is why you have not gone as usual.

The Social Media have come to humanize the Internet, an Internet that until a few years ago was certainly “automatic”. Online stores, for example, had little more to worry about usability, positioning and service, but not the traditional person-person treatment that has always been given in traditional commerce.

My advice is that we open our eyes a lot, and even more our ears, the next time we go to our favorite bar or restaurant. I think that with a little skill we will recognize that behaviors that make it so special and that we can apply in our day to day work in social networks.

The behaviors that we can detect in these businesses and that we put into practice to meet and satisfy our followers, fans, consumers and potential customers, are undoubtedly the best pillars of a strategy that will turn our presence in social media into one more experience authentic, transparent and human, as well as truly useful, beneficial and effective for our company.

By ZsuNC

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