According to a survey of more than 750 companies with less than 1,000 employees by Zoomerang, a company dedicated to online surveys, and Growbiz, a consultancy and content provider for SMEs and medium-sized companies, they plan to increase their marketing budgets for next year. . The reasons given for this decision are the increase in the prominence and impact of social communication and the return on marketing investment made through email.

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Looking to 2018, most SMEs will invest more budget both in written media and online communication, although the latter will receive the most attention, especially focusing on the development of web pages, social media and email marketing. .

According to Alex Terry, CEO of Zoomerang, “it is extraordinary to see how SMEs are adapting to new technologies in order to make more effective and creative use of their budgets. Increasingly, SMEs and medium-sized companies are incorporating social communication actions into their business strategies. As a result, this marketing area will suffer a spectacular takeoff. ”

Of the 750 companies interviewed, 34% indicated that they are currently carrying out social communication actions. The most used tools are Facebook (80%), LinkedIn (37%) and Twitter (27%).

Rieva Lesonsky, CEO of GrowBiz Media, commented that “once again SMEs and medium-sized companies show their willingness to adapt to changes and new ideas that arise in the area of ​​marketing”.

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