Most companies at an early stage facing the challenge of creating an online marketing plan with a budget. Money is tight and the risk out of money is very high. The option is not considered wrong because if so, there will be cash-flow for the following actions.

In these scenarios it has to make two clarifications:

  • The first priority is to find stocks with low risk option to validate information. What certainly cannot happen is to launch a campaign not get ROI (return) and not know why it has not worked. That yes you threw money at 100%.
  • In online marketing, to generate the first sales, but you can pay cash; you can do with time and patience. Your priority may be to start yourself with technical calls inbound marketing (social media, SEO and content).

Online marketing strategies for businesses on a budgetOnline marketing strategies for companies with little budget

If you are in this position you can try the following strategies:

  1. Facebook ads: If you need to campaign PPC (pay per click) to start earning customers, you can see some practical guidelines to outline a first announcement. I recommend this because facebook clicks are usually cheaper than google adwords. It’s a good way to start testing how to make your website without spending, that if fits well the type of product you sell.
  2. Blogging + Long tail SEO: If you have no money to bet heavily on content marketing having done their homework in your SEO strategy. The first is to mark what the relevant keywords for your business are, and to be as specific as possible.Once you have defined tries to throw a few articles on your blog reinforcing these words and that is useful to the reader.
  3. Viral video campaign on social networking: With a normal camera and a video editor can make a funny video about your business and explaining the value you offer your customers. You can then use social networks to vitalize. You can try local digital media or network for example (usually works well for these things).
  4. Prepare downloadable content for your website: You can be in eBook, whitepaper or similar format. With these downloads’ be able to get your first leads. This will be the key type of email marketing strategy you will use. The companies are often too invasive with this.
  5. Squeeze your network: In your network, sometimes not thoroughly thought, someone influential within your industry is. If so you can look any way to collaborate with little cost to your business.
  6. CPA membership formulas: They are hard to get, I ‘m not going to cheat, but the approach is to find websites or affiliates to promote your product or service and are paid according to sales achieved.

As you can see, even if no cash on hand, pulling imagination you can make some strategies with a very low cost and validate information that is really important. Once you have validated capture what channel you work you can increase your exposure to risk.

Do you know any other online marketing strategy at low cost?

By ZsuNC

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