Marketing professionals are taking into account, in general, the value of content marketing, and is that currently 25% of Marketing budgets are dedicated to this specialty.
B2B professionals find content marketing particularly useful, as it allows them to showcase their experience and at the same time deliver value to their customers. Sixty percent of B2B professionals plan to increase (in relation to the last year) their budget in content marketing.

This is evident from the data analyzed in the new study developed by the consultancy Analítica Digital  DIVISADERO, and which highlights the vital importance of incorporating content marketing as part of the digital strategy of companies.

Strategy, a vital and fundamental aspect in content marketingAlthough most of the companies analyzed (70% vs. 30%) produce some content of value for the industry (beyond the corporate information) and distribute it through at least one of its online channel assets, for Alejandro González Responsible for Marketing of DIVISADERO, “we must go deeper into these figures to obtain relevant conclusions in the field of content marketing”; And is that according to the report, isolating (individually) each digital asset, we verify the low percentages of use that are shown, “which denotes that, although there are exceptions, it is still far from having a complete structure , Solid and transversal that take advantage strategically the potential of each own means in this area of Marketing.

According to the report, the digital asset that  leads the dissemination of content relevant to industry is clearly  the blog , reaching 47% of the actors analyzed. After blogs,  You Tube and Twitter  are revealed as the second most used, with a percentage of  26%  and  23%  respectively, moving to the last place (of those analyzed)  Facebook  with  18%.

Pinterest’s  breakthrough  in the field of inbound marketing is remarkable, and despite the youth (born in 2010 but not popularized until last year) of this medium, it has already reached a not insignificant percentage ( 18% ). In relation to others with more travel.

The study also highlights some of the benefits of content marketing, including:
  • The instant delivery of feedback by consumers on the effectiveness of actions carried out in social media and post blogs.
  • Increasing consumer awareness, in real time, based on your search behavior.
  • The assumption of a minimal marginal cost in attracting additional consumers. Once the content has been produced and distributed through free online channels, access to the content of new consumers will not entail additional costs.
  • The optimization of segmentation in those cases where the consumer’s permission (opt-in) is obtained to serve content. This gives us the possibility to create strategies adapted to the people according to their profile and interests.

However, in spite of the popularization of content marketing, there are still (at a general level) deficiencies related to strategic and transversal planning, resulting in the last key being the use of an inbound marketing dashboard that shows, performance Individual of each digital asset, our market position and the direct impact of our actions in this area.

In this sense, the report brings us a series of issues in an extended way, about the different important aspects of the process itself of this type of strategies that companies and content products must take into account.

  • First of all investing much of your time understanding the market
  • Once this base is assumed, it will proceed to the creation of relevant content and quality, with the aim of providing the maximum possible value to consumers
  • The next step, of course, will be to spread the content throughout the online ecosystem and in parallel to promote it through platforms where it is not only easy to find the content, but also share it
  • Once the content is propagated, it will analyze the performance of the same in relation to the objectives of the company
  • And finally, review the content marketing strategy, based on the results obtained

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