There have been many times that we read that the SEO is dead or will die in the coming years. In this regard we find diversity of opinions. Those who agree and those who do not obviously either in the interest of surviving the rapid evolution of the Internet and changes in search engines, or who simply make a living with it.

The truth is that debate is hot and generating all kinds of controversies and confrontations between opinion leaders. To appease the spirits and calm the waters, now that thesis that the SEO, rather than dying, is being transformed and evolved accepted. However, before this new hypothesis, also new questions and approaches that remain on the more tragic fate, not of this industry, but its professionals are presented.

The evolution of search engines and the extinction of SEO professionalsAlthough you can get to offend the sensibilities and pride of many professionals “Search Engine Optimization”, the reality and history of the evolution of internet show us that as it did with the popular webmasters and even with current community managers, these profiles professionals always remain exposed to extinction over the years. It’s no wonder that the Internet is therefore the medium more quickly devours business and professional profiles offsets.

To survive there is only one way. Reinvent itself. However, it is important to note in this connection that large companies and search engines like Google, are precisely those who intend to carry out such extermination of natural or induced form. To do this, these seekers are transformed and evolve becoming more intelligent and less dependent on human work of SEO itself. The proof is that in recent years, Google has changed its algorithm 150 times to prevent the “traps of SEO,” and every day, their algorithms are updated and modified more frequently and quickly to avoid the techniques of online positioning. No doubt they will pay for the sins but it is quite clear, Google is telling us loud and clear, that it is becoming “more vigilant” depends on himself and wants nothing elaborate work of SEO without other virtues really add value.

Proof of this is, that given the different most popular strategies, factors and elements like Meta tags and keywords or keywords, have ended up being almost irrelevant for misuse or abuse thereof. Even linkbuilding techniques “suspicious” for third party links, have become a high risk factor that can lead us to be penalized and fall into oblivion seekers themselves.

Google, as king of search engines, command and sets the trends and pace. A recent article left us a clear message about the route marked by the Internet giant. “Google shows us the way: quality content.” Clear and simple. The search for excellence intends to offer in its search results, access to more content on the subject of our consultations, providing for this, results of more elaborate and profound content. High quality items that will have a privileged place, regardless of what his organic positioning.

We return once again with the premise that content marketing was, is and will remain King for major search engines. It is logical therefore that the new emblem after the arrival of Google Penguin and Panda, is to improve the search experience this offering for better content and removing it as a result, those irrelevant or low quality. This is one of the main reasons why content marketing wins again whole and importance to achieve gain greater relevance in search engines and thus achieve their top positions. ” It is true that  the searches  make up a major source for access and discovery of content we seek. But now we must always bear in mind the growing importance Google gives the content value”.

Surely another slap for SEO professionals who are again reduced its room for maneuver and action. If we consider that 15% of the major factors of SEO are reduced practically to the different internal elements of a page, and the remaining 85% become more relevant based on the information itself, its content and context, we can understand more reason why now, content marketing has become one of the priority objectives within the marketing strategies of companies and brands. No wonder that emerge new maxims like that “content marketing can generate SEO SEO but can not generate content”.

We can still add new ingredients to this evolution without reversing. The new era and the arrival of the Semantic Web. A complex change that will undoubtedly be the door of a new and vital technological era, with true artificial intelligence. Companies like IBM and Google are implementing new technologies that manage to offer relevant information, with the ability to generate predictions and surprising and unprecedented results.Google’s shift towards the SEO semantic intelligence and strengthen their algorithms to unsuspected points, where as the most natural and highest quality content will gain greater relevance.

Where then is the figure of the current SEO professional? It may be disproportionate to establish a relationship of all with the popular “Overdrive”. An apocalyptic scenario classic in science fiction in which machines capable of developing an artificial intelligence rebel against their creators. However, only you need to look around and analyze the industries of our era, to realize how machines have replaced the work of many people to turn them into complex machining processes.

Undoubtedly, before such changes and advances, the role of these professionals will become increasingly essential. Both or to the point of having to give up on the attempt to change the role or be part of other professions that will come in the future. Who knows. Even the little room and power that search engines still give them, they are being almost “usurped” by the importance given to the new social indicators that gradually become more relevant. Still, the growth of intelligence seekers themselves, seeks to replace the human factor or at least take as valid a global, plural and socialized valuation.

This frantic evolution has served to some experts dare to predict the death of the current SEO in a range of no more than 2 or 3 years time. Although many consider that SEO will never die, but can become transformed, or that SEO always exist as long as there are search engines, what seems more likely is that these professionals, sooner or later have to find a new job or reinvent full if they manage to survive such changes to it. It may difficult to accept, or that this will prove unpopular and severely criticized, but the harsh reality reminds us that before this development, the generation of current SEOs is in serious danger of extinction, even with almost no margin to adapt or reinvent itself. And if not, time to time.

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