When a marketer faces the difficult situation of trying to excel in twitter is with the following information:

– There are 500 million and 288 active users created each month.

– 400 million tweets a day are generated.

– 60% of users access via mobile.

There is too much “noise” in this social network to start “tweeting” without a clear direction. Therefore, there are two essential points to know before disseminating any content:

– “Targetizar” well your potential customers.

– Know in advance the most appropriate content type and therefore have more numbers to be shared.

The keys to know what kind of content is shared more in twitterWhat kind of content is shared more on twitter?

I’ll give you some figures are approximate and based on the market. They are results of twitter accounts I could carry so far, they may vary slightly up or down but the trends are clear:

1- Images Vs Videos: here unlike other social networks, users tweeting 300% more images videos.

2 Types of images: although they cannot show many categories itself to be drawn some prevailing above the rest:

– 60% are pictures of humor.

– 10% less food (breakfast typical picture for example).

– 7% travel – related issues.

– 23% other issues.

3- Text vs. pictures: When these two types of content gets compared:

– The texts are shared about 60% more than image – based tweets

4 types of text – based content: if we look a little more shared formats, quickly distance themselves 3 types of items: lists, “how to” and the rankings.

Extra tips to achieve more “engagement” twitter

Apart from support you in brief above statistics there are some concepts to consider achieving more impact on twitter with your tweets:

– The tweets that are shared formulated a question far more than the claims themselves.

– Shorter tweets also receive more attention. They get lower 100 characters.

– Content related to topical issues are a good choice too.

What are for you the content most shared on Twitter?

By ZsuNC

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