In the world of digital marketing, if you do not measure all the actions that are within your plan going marketing to be very limited and all you can do is throw an entire series of actions and cross your fingers that the end result is satisfactory in the operating account.

To do this you need a set of metrics: numerical values indicating the performance you what you’re doing in your digital marketing strategy. Before going on I will mark two previous concepts:

– KPI’s: are performance indicators that put in reports such as sales, average time of the visit, number of visits from Google…

– ROI: the return on investment or income from monetary your marketing actions.

The main metrics to measure the effectiveness of your marketing planKey metric to measure the emotion of your marketing plan

Without being a guru of web analytics can hop your little stall metric and thus have the most relevant data and being served to go optimizing your marketing strategy. Metrics I propose the following:

1- Concerning visits: These are simple: number of unique visitors, page views and average time of the visit.

2- Organic traffic: The traffic from Google without payment (SEO)

3- Rebound in pages: The% of visits come on the page and in a few seconds go. This will allow you to see if you have “leaks” traffic and optimize designs and usability to make things work better.

4- Conversion ratio: The ratio of sales compared to the number of visits to your website.

5- Number of incoming links: External links are pointing to your website. To view the tools you can use SEO Quake or Yahoo site explorer.

6- Funnel when you make a campaign PPC (pay per click): When you throw a paid campaign advertising adwords type or online you must measure how many users fall into each step until a sale is generated.

7- CPL or cost per lead: How much it costs to get a record on your website.

8- The number of interactions in social networks: This is to collect the number of comments, number of “likes” + 1…

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