No doubt, Twitter is generally used as a tool that allows brands to optimize their actions focused on capturing your target audience. But, although it is a sense of the way little used, twitter is a channel – too- to be listener.

The power of active listening in professional or social relations, now that the dividing lines of the individual facets are deleted, there is little justification to do. But … is a reality that ubiquity is a power that gives us the network, not possess and is certainly complex being a “good listener” on twitter when marketing strategies require us to identify the emotion that builds the relationship with customers and I’ll be doing!

What gives us the tools to optimize our twitter – indispensable facet of listeners?

Knowing what is said, what happens, which is expected to be about what users need are unmet, etc., can identify the foundations for effective marketing strategy, in a simultaneous acquisition of new knowledge and process, ideally, leading to the identification of new growth opportunities.

Twitter and the best kept secret Listening!#hashtags and search twitter

An efficient way to access what is said about our brand and the information that we need to build. Access rumors being promoted around our market or industry is the best way to identify areas of interest.

Keywords, the brand message

The configuration of alerts based on keywords that identify the brand, allows us to receive e-mail via regular information on what is said of our brand. It goes without saying that higher level of optimization of our profile and twitter account, the more accurate the results of our alerts.

Reputation management in real time, listening while acting

Twitter also allows brands to listen to what is said in the social network in real time, this is possible thanks to Twitterfall, whose main strength lies in adding to the search keywords in real time, criteria associated with geolocation, so you can get immediate and segmented results.

Twitter lists, the database that feeds our brand

Twitter lists, through which you can share high-quality content in segmented and committed groups, have their maximum strength in active listening. Efficient management of lists of all kinds, resulting in a steady flow of new opportunities and is the best food for our brand.

The power of the question

Finally our last key to being a good listener on Twitter, ask! Do not be afraid to innovate in your queries. Consumers are hungry for innovative information, open dialogues in which new viewpoints, utilities, applications … opportunities arise equipping all, brands and customers, profit growth through social action.

If you want to actively listen to your users, ask what you want to know, does empathize with your followers more loyal to transmit the question mark to their own networks, which will be more visible and can devote more time to actively listen and take meditated and analyzed decisions.

As usual, analysis tools and utilities that social networks available to us, always leads to the same conclusion; learn to relate is the only way to do “business”.

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