Social networks have become an unprecedented phenomenon. From birth and subsequent widespread use may be connected with hundreds or thousands of people, no matter the distance, and there are no barriers, so there is absolutely communicative freedom. Finally, we can all be part of this communication a two-way: talk, share or exchange knowledge is now easier than ever. Internet offers us an open world where we all have the same opportunities to communicate door.

In this communication channel people talk about their personal lives but also a lot about products, services and brands. The protagonists of the conversation are not always as large companies as in other media, social networking opinions about travel, restaurants, hotels, spas or any other business are also published. It is precisely at this point that becomes vitally important strategies Social Media Marketing in SMEs. Internet no matter if you’re a small business or if you just have the budget to attract customers, the important thing is dedication, doing things well and know why they do.No need much more than that.

Users no fans of a brand to read their advertising are made, what hope is valuable informationNeedless to say that a recommendation from a friend or acquaintance be better advertising than any campaign creative. Being able to listen to other people reviewing products or services, the experiences they have had or their perception of the quality level is the best way to convince enforce a purchase. We believe more what a user says although not our inner circle of friends who communicates what the brand itself, which of course, we always try to show their best side. But like everything else, it is a matter of trust and must be earned.

Clearly the capital of companies and their online reputation are becoming more important. Aware of this, there are already many that have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn. But it is not enough to register the account and fill in the data, the channel must work actively. In this new digital world it has emerged a new paradigm that should be present and that markets have become conversations. And less and less in advertising.

No user social networking fan or follower of a brand to read your advertising is done, which is expected to receive valuable, transparent and personalized information necessary to meet your needs. Some may find deals or discounts, but many want to see relevant content that are like or that respond to your questions or concerns.

That said, the best positioning strategy in social media is one in which the brand shows its most human and nearside with the consumer. You have to find participatory ways in which fans can identify with the corporate philosophy, which is proud to be part of it, for only then will share our content and recommendations will become our best communication campaign.

Have clear objectives, be direct with our messages, seduce, persuade, create emotional bonds, to be honest, give empathic responses, not being intrusive advertising, manage personal attention, different from the rest and offer exclusive content, are some of the You are winning strategies that lead to success.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to be aware that now more than ever those who have the real power are consumers, they can get very far without them nowhere. You may decide that your company is between nothing and forgetting, that does not exist or is present in social networks.

If you finally decide, 51% and used to develop your marketing and digital communication with your customers, do not forget that there is still a world to discover in this exciting sector innovates, creates original formulas, try things, connect with your target and learn from mistakes.

By ZsuNC

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