Mobile advertising in 2013 has experienced unprecedented growth. And all indications are that this year will continue to increase the time-consuming users with their mobile devices. This upward trend, coupled with a technological development of the sector, makes mobile for advertisers is a crucial part of their marketing mix. Therefore, advertisers seeking strategies and formats that achieve better results in their campaigns.

Under this premise, DG MediaMind has just released its new report “mobile performance benchmarks.” The study focuses on the performance of advertising formats, as well as the features that users used more frequently with their mobile in key sectors. The main objective of the report is toprovide advertisers a more effective strategic perspective of mobile advertising each vertical.

What are the formats of mobile advertising increased performance“Consumers depend, increasingly, mobile technology for their daily communication and to connect with the world. Have analyzed these factors to give advertisers specific data to guide them when making their marketing decisions and help them reach a growing number of mobile users, “said Ricky Liversidge, marketing director of DG MediaMind.

For the study, DG MediaMind analyzed more than a billion impressions over a thousand mobile campaigns that were conducted since 1 January 2013. It should be noted regarding the format, expandable banners that have higher performance than polite and standard.

Performance by Vertical

In addition to performance by format, the study also examined the interactions most successful mobile marketing in each vertical. Specifically, Leisure and Media sectors were those who achieved the highest mobile CTR of vertical studied, achieving clicktroughs frequency of 1.10% and 1.21%, respectively, of the total number of prints issued .

Also, other sectors that achieved a high average CTR performance were the Consumer Products sector (on base), with 0.82%, vertical Trading with a CTR of 0.58% and the beverage industry with 0.50%.

The study also analyzed each vertical to determine the most effective advertising strategy in mobile campaigns:

  • Leisure: with a performance indicator pointing a constant presence in the market, and socially share videos were the most used functions in campaigns in this sector.
  • Consumer Products (on base): The image gallery, location and social sharing functionality were more exploited by industry advertisers to increase brand awareness.
  • Trade: To encourage consumers to enter trade were used as main features locations, video, time and downloading apps.
  • Auto: The image gallery, video gallery and clicks to websites were the features most frequently used to maintain an outstanding product, vehicle model or sales promotion in the minds of car buyers.

Mobile video

Among the rich media mobile formats, including online video, rich media were polite those who had the highest rate of home video expandable compared to other formats. 3.33% of videos banners Polite got a consumer involvement (engagement) in the advertising piece, compared to 1.51% of expandable banners.

Since, the video player is immediately visible to users, this ad format also experienced higher rates of impact expandable banners, which require the user to commit to see the spot to appear.

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