Maybe some just know that  Digital Marketing  is the one that runs through internet, some know that further comprises a series of techniques and strategies that target your company will “see” better in the network, others will understand that Brands seek to have more presence through other complementary channels such as the famous social networks; but in truth the  Digital Marketing is much more  than that.

Digital Marketing is a revolution  in the world of Marketing, and this is on everyone’s lips. It is a new dimension that does not stop growing at a fast pace, and does not stop surprising us day by day. But what is this great revolution  beyond digitizing own messages?

What has been the revolution of the new Digital MarketingFor which they are not familiar with this term, formerly, and until approximately 2001, although we began to perceive years later; The “internet” channel at the communication level was unidirectional, that is, we as a company were building a web in order to have a medium of communication, but simply as a cover letter or brochure, where our clients or potential clients Entered and saw how our company was composed, what we did, our customers, location, and little else.

Revolution 2.0  allowed  INTERACTION, i.e. two or more people to exchange a message, the “bidirectional”, with the 2.0 came chats, networks, communities, forums, blogs, and everything we know today And even we find common.

2.0 The great revolution led us in the field of Marketing to an unimaginable place and even dreamed marks made contact with the customer.

For anyone this may sound trivial, but for those who do Marketing we know perfectly well that this is the difference, you will see: the essence of Marketing is to detect the needs of the customer, and offer a product that satisfies them. Before 2.0, knowing these needs of our potential customers was not for simple, let alone cheap: market studies were the order of the day were very expensive because of the large number of resources that meant, and often inaccurate : How many have we found more than once to an interviewer in the street, …. We know that many times we respond to finish, …, in short, it was not 100% real information.

The 2.0 allows  any company  know  that  you think, need and want our client directly from the source, market research now become communities where we want to know what you think, because you like this or that product, you dream about and even What event will you attend tomorrow; An enormity of information hyper-segmented and classified in real time and at a very low cost. And not only that, with 2.0 the client went from being a spectator to being a protagonist: he went from seeing a TV ad to think about a network about his shopping experience, and the ear mouth was transformed into “I like” or Online recommendations on products.

And everything changed:  The strategy today is not communicating, but “experience” . We look for our clients to become friends of our brand, to be fans and to recommend us, but for this we have to be close to them, give them to receive afterwards, we have to act with transparency, authenticity and above all a lot of creativity.

This interaction is such that today big brands not only seek an opinion, but also make the customer participate in the development of new ideas for their company: Companies like Starbucks, or many others, understood this enormous potential and have not hesitated to make the most of it:  Starbucks  with its strategy of “ listening to our customers and make it part of our company ” have launched projects such as  My Starbucks Idea , where users, “Starbucks Community”, participates actively suggesting that it may improve this chain on their premises, to Point of suggesting new combinations of coffee, … Strategies like these say it all.

In a world where the greatest treasure of people is time, where we spend at least two hours a day on the Internet, where we leave the TV and radio aside, where there is no printed press, where there is no Is going more to the tourism agency to buy a trip, where the market of mobile devices is growing very fast and leaving aside products with more than 50 years of history like the TV, where it is more common to speak by chat than by phone , Where there are no more barriers of any kind; We can not stay behind. The coming times are vertiginous and change: but surely the one who does not begin to understand what this is all about Digital Marketing will quickly be out of the game.

By ZsuNC

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