Dancing figures of how many users are on social networks and how they are used is constant. A recent study by The Cocktail Analysis under the heading “IV Observatory wave of social networking” concludes that 91 percent of Internet users have an active account in any Social Rede, and the average is 2.3 accounts user. But regardless of studies, it is a reality that we can observe in our environment, that social networks are a sociological phenomenon that has changed the way we communicate.

What to include in a Corporate Manual of Good Practices in Social NetworksIn this scenario, it is obvious to conclude that many of the employees of any company are in any Social Networks. Despite this fact, few companies serving this phenomenon and have a Corporate Manual of Good Practices in Social Networks and therefore:

  • Do not exploit the asset to which among its employees .Through these they could obtain a greater distribution of content published on the internet or social networks in which the company has a presence.
  • Obviate the potential danger to the online reputation of the company. The misuse that may make some employees on social networks may harm the company. For though they act on their own, Internet users can associate the company. Many users on social networks indicate the name of the company where they work.

For these reasons, it is important that businesses have a Corporate Manual of Good Practices in Social Networks to raise awareness and involve employees in the communication strategy 2.0. And what must indicate this policy guidelines on use of social networks for employees ?. The following points should be included, both to avoid a crisis of reputation online, to get employees to promote corporate network communication:

To prevent online reputation crisis by comments from an employee:

  • Social Networks never associate the email account of the company that owns the employee. It is easy to create an e-mail including in any of the multiple servers, so no excuses for using email of the company.
  • Not indicate which company you work when social networks or the Internet to pour own opinions on issues likely to generate controversy are used, as are those of political, religious, sexual, social, etc ..
  • When the company name is included in the Social Network in which you work, and even if it is intended not to mention issues that may generate controversy, is contraindicate that the comments made are particularly title.
  • Any attack or negative comment is found on the Internet or at any RRSS about the company, NOT respond, but the comment is addressed directly to the employee. In this case, immediately inform the Department. Communication or who manage social networks of the company, who will indicate how to act.

To help the company in its communication strategy 2.0, we can encourage employees to participate in social networks and to disseminate the contents published by the company accounts in different social networks where you are or Internet content, such as web or corporate blog. And when it acts in this regard, we should give policy guidance in our corporate manual, such as:

  • Avoid commercial language. Purely commercial messages can be implausible.
  • Locate business contacts on social networks in you are and interact with them. Customers are also on social networks. You count them among our contacts not only help spread 2.0 communication company but also increase the bonds of relationship with them.
  • Be respectful and kind to the partners. Education is always nice and can avoid unwanted situations.
  • Social networks are basically conversation. Other users will interact with image of closeness.
  • It provides informative content when converse with other Internet users.
  • Be authentic and transparent. In the case of disseminating the contents of Social Networks Company or information transmitted online by the same, you should use the real name and not a pseudonym, image and credibility will be higher.
  • Not to be in all social networks. It is better to be few or just one and care, which in many abandoned.
  • You have a positive attitude. It attracts more with a positive attitude than a negative.
  • Finally, remember that being on social networks is not a job. It should incorporate social networks to a way of thinking, relate to our environment and act on them naturally.

And you believe what aspects are important to include in a Corporate Manual of Good Practices in Social Networks?

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