YouTube is positioned as the first source of information on products for Millennials. As it reflected in the first quarterly report of 2014 YouTube Insights, 100% of users between 18 and 34 access the platform online video when you need to learn more about those products you are interested in buying.

Given these reasons, it is not surprising that 71% of companies have plans to invest more in videomarketing this year. Millennials conquer the supposed gain favor the most important and profitable target audience for brands.

YouTube is now the leading source of information about products among young consumersThe influence of YouTube in purchasing decisions is even higher than that of television, especially in some categories as in the case of beauty products (78% vs 49%), technology and smartphones (61% vs 52%) or cars (73% vs 60%).

The Millennial generation is a target audience that has grown to half horse between technological development and traditional trade. Therefore, it is perfectly develops in the digital environment, while you need to feel the direct contact with the company, enjoy an experience as complete and satisfying customer. For this reason, the video probably constitutes the type of content that combines both needs. On the one hand, it is an online medium, which includes a content showing visually and detailed the details of a product or service, tailored to the needs of the consumer, as would the best seller. According to Animoto, 73% of adults in the United States is more willing to buy a product after playing an explanatory video on it.

Thanks to video, customers can get quality information about the product, its features and usage. All with an argument of clear and direct sales, showing their benefits and finish by convincing a target audience interested in benefiting from them.

Therefore, companies can benefit from the potential of online video, taking advantage of the high interest of your target audience in this type of content, to build trust and to publicize the benefits of your product. 42% of customers would like to have more of videos about products. The sectors where this type of content is more demand are electronics (57%), restaurants (39%), travel (34%), fitness and exercise (33%), automotive (31%) and to promote events and conferences (30%).

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