The giant Google has just announced the closure of its old version of Google Analytics in favor of a new version that will perform real-time analysis.

It was a long-awaited and well-known movement for most of the companies, finally Google announced yesterday that from now on the old version of Google Analytics will stop working in favor of the new one. 

Google already launched this new version of the program last September, in which it is based mainly on the results in real time but that until now maintained the possibility of returning to the old version with a click, which is the link that has decided to withdraw.

Paul Muret, responsible for the engineering of Google Analytics, states that they are constantly working on improving the services offered by their product while trying to help by creating tools that improve it. Muret claims to have heard all the proposals he has received from the users of the service with the aim of creating something closer to what his clients are looking for.

For users who have not yet made that transition, Google says that the new features provided by this version of Google Analytics will help to better measure the effectiveness of their companies on social networks in addition to showing publishers different versions of the same page so they can decide which one will be most effective.

The most relevant feature of this new version could be the fact that campaign data can now be examined in Adwords and live events can be analyzed in real time, allowing more active and at the same time more receptive monitoring.

The new version is also integrated into social networks, offering details on how this channel has affected the company, the value of social traffic and also if conversions are achieved.

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