How do you know if you have a good SEO agency or a mediocre one? This can be a challenge for business owners, who don’t necessarily have an insight into SEO and what it involves. Here are some signs that it’s time to move on.

Five things your SEO provider does that should make you run

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A lack of results

If you aren’t seeing progress over the longer term – a few months of commissioning – then alarm bells should be ringing. All websites have the odd dip and it does take a while for SEO work to have an impact, but after a while, you should definitely be seeing an increase in organic search traffic along with ranking and domain authority. Ask for details and explanations, which should be given to you in a way that you can understand.

Bad linking

One of the most challenging SEO tasks an agency performs is inbound link building, which is perhaps the most crucial aspect of any SEO campaign. Link integrity is key for quality, and bad links are simple to build and cheap. Good links require effort, knowledge and time investment and should be appropriate contextually, positioned in quality content, and placed on relevant, authoritative domains.

No change

SEO is an ever-changing beast, and good agencies are always working to stay ahead of the game with their strategies and approaches. If you have been with an agency for some time and have never heard their plans to update the existing programme of work, alarm bells should be ringing. A good agency such as web designers in Cardiff will evolve and take you with them.

Terrible content

A good web designer in Cardiff will focus on UX – but content is also key and linked intrinsically to SEO. Look for an agency that delivers quality content as a key selling point. Remember that the level of quality in the marketplace is rising constantly, so yours needs to be excellent to meet the needs of your niche.

Poor management

If you aren’t regularly in touch with your agency and don’t understand what they are doing, move on. A good agency will be able to explain what they are doing and show you the results. If they aren’t doing this, then fear the worst and seek out alternative providers.

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