In the context of the overwhelming strength of Online Marketing , podcasting is a resource that does not quite find its place, although there are many specialists who predict that its implementation may initially be slower. However, it seems likely that his prospects may be hopeful after a short time.

In spite of everything, many are the detractors that predict the commercial and corporative failure of the podcasts , alleging a series of reasonable arguments:

  • At present, a low proportion of the population has a habit of listening to podcasts.
  • For any person it can be uncomfortable, annoying and not very discreet to listen to a podcast, especially if it is in the office, in the presence of other people. – Only if headphones are used, it may be more discreet.
  • Today, in general, text, photo or video content is preferred. Podcasts are less attractive to the vast majority.
  • Significant is the fact that portals have been popularized throughout the world to share videos or photos, and yet the portals to share podcasts are at a much lower level.

However, those who defend the use of podcasting as a useful format in online marketing , provide us with the following valuable arguments:

  • MP3 audio devices have enormous popularity around the world. Anyone who uses a PC knows how to download podcast and pass them to their MP3 player, to listen to them anytime, anywhere. For example, supporters of Apple have turned the Ipod player and the mobile terminal Iphone (also plays MP3) into cult objects. Already a large percentage of mobile phone models play MP3, the most widespread format in podcasts.
  • The podcast download and hearing is experiencing an exponential increase, although it has started at low levels compared to other formats.
  • An MP3 file is much lighter than a video file, when promoting a product / service or transmitting a specific message.
  • A large percentage of the population around the world maintains the habit of listening to radio stations at different times and situations. A podcast can integrate segmented content and promotional messages, even more accurately than a radio program. The advantage of podcasts with respect to radio broadcasts is that they can be heard by the recipients in the place they want and as often as they wish.
  • Podcasts with promotional messages on the Internet can be easily articulated in campaigns coordinated with mobile marketing. To this end, enormous perspectives will be opened with the introduction of mobile telephony financed for users with advertising.
  • Listening to a podcast, like listening to the radio, can be compatible with any activity (traveling by subway, walking, jogging, driving, doing housework and even working, in many cases). Watching videos or reading certain content on the screen is usually not compatible with almost anything.
  • There are already numerous transnational companies that use the podcast (Purina, Acuvue, Nespresso, McDonald’s, etc).

It seems prudent and wise not to reject this resource at the outset and to analyze the option of using audio on the Internet, either to sponsor specific podcasts or to produce our own podcasts and place them in the appropriate channel, within a global online marketing strategy.

By ZsuNC

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