Many headaches occur when we can not clearly define a path to convert a prospect obtained in social media into buyer of the products that our company represents.

Sometimes the company gets lost in the publication of updates and content, some more promotional than others, others more focused towards the customer, comments are answered, the positive mentions are appreciated, and so the time goes by without being able to materialize new businesses Which, after all, is the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy.

KompozicijeA few days ago I found this infographic that explains it with enviable clarity. I take the liberty of sharing it with you, Sure that it will allow you to see with absolute clarity how to take advantage of your presence in social networks with more effectiveness and to obtain sales.

In the example they took to make the infographics, the company manufactures sports shoes, in this case, special models for marathon runners.

From the conversation to the sale in 6 easy steps

  • Identify relevant conversations and information of interest: In this case, the company keeps listening on social networks, and identifies the people who are talking about their next participation in a marathon. The formula is very simple: If you are going to run a marathon, you are an interesting prospect to buy a new pair of special sneakers. Do you research about the specific event and determine a? Timeline? (In this case 9 months before the marathon is held) between the start of the conversation and the performance of the event as such.
  • The company begins to follow the threads of the different conversations that take place around the event and the users involved in them.
  • Relevant content strategy: The company begins publishing information with tips and suggestions about marathon training programs. The runners, being already planning their participation in the race find the content published by the company, find it interesting and connect with it through social networks.
  • The company invites this new audience to join their newsletter to receive tips and suggestions on how to train for the marathon, how to increase their performance, how to avoid injuries and, ultimately, provides information relevant to the potential customer, Adding value to the relationship and engaging emotionally with the prospective prospect. Through the newsletter, you get the contact information of the potential customer.
  • Special Promotions and Incentives Campaign: Just as runners begin to prepare to start their workouts, the company sends coupons with incentives and special discounts for the purchase of marathon runners’ shoes.
  • Track the customer’s experience both with the product and during the performance of the race. In this case, it is simply a matter of taking the relationship one step beyond the purchase of the product and enhancing customer loyalty.

Although social networks are not for sale, you must open opportunities.

This last step I will add, and will vary according to the type of product or service you are offering.

Fundamentally the idea of the last step is to strengthen customer loyalty, showing a little that the intention of the company was not only to make the sale of the shoes, but to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Even if it were possible to invite them to share their experience with the product through social networks, everything would be great.

It is important that in your marketing strategy in social media, you can identify this path of conversation for sale with clarity,

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