Online marketing and social media have established new paradigms in companies, but many of them are still to discover their great advantages and benefits. Carbajo reveals in our interview the most relevant aspects of this new scene and how this social outbreak affects the new professional profiles and companies.To start with, what do you think is the reason why online marketing has increased in companies? What do Marketing Managers lack in order to take on new challenges?

You have to be proud to engage in Online MarketingObviously the socio-economic situation in which we are nowadays forces us to focus budgets on results. Here Online Marketing allows you to calculate up to the minimum return on investment and see what works and what does not. Marketing that spent huge amounts of money, not knowing what return it had on its brand (whether conversion or branding) no longer makes any sense.

In this sense, it is where the Online Marketing brings value … It is great to be a specialist in concrete areas, but the general vision of a project or strategy requires a very specific, demanded and highly valued profile.

What are the advantages of digital versus conventional marketing? Combining internet with other media is the recommended formula for achieving success in a campaign.

It is not about finding advantages between one and the other. In fact, for me there is no such difference. There is only one marketing strategy, only it is developed in different channels and different audiences. Therein lies the current success of any brand: Integration. I believe that more and more companies and agencies are aware of this change, but there is still a long way to go.

How the internet boom is changing the way of understanding communication and marketing between the company and the customer.

I know that some purists will not agree, but I believe that on the Internet the boundaries between communication and Marketing are blurring. Today any content strategy must be in tune with the actions of Marketing to plan and optimize the impact. On the other hand, the sensitivity of the communication department helps the marketing team to humanize the actions, especially in social media, where the message and content are the protagonists.

On the Internet we often find the profile of “Boy for everything”, how can we professionalize that profile, that find your site in the company?

This profile fits perfectly with the figure of the expert in Online Marketing. In many cases, professionals who enter the Online world seek a specialization in a specific area, but they forget the importance of polyvalence. For me, an Online Marketing consultant should know a little about SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, Social Media … with the goal of developing a strategy optimized for a calendar and a budget. That is an equal or more important task than that of a specialist consultant. You have to be proud to dedicate yourself to Online Marketing.

What motivates you to take on the challenge of directing the communication and marketing of a company like KSchool ?

Especially the possibility to innovate and create constantly. KSchool is a project based on the professional reality and the latest trends, which forces the department to be aligned to those trends in our actions. For me the content is the king and, being in the training sector, allows us to evangelize and guide not only in the classes, but through our marketing and communication strategy

Is training still a safe bet to get a job, to improve in which you have or differentiate yourself?

I always say that our students are our best ambassadors. It may sound a little “romantic”;), but I’m excited to see how students who have passed through our classrooms have changed their lives. And that is largely because of the passion they feel for what they do. Training is still key in finding or promoting a job, so at KSchool we feel closer to a “21st century trades school” than to a “business school”.

Is training being adapted to this new digital era? New professional profiles, economic changes …

Training in our country is still anchored in old paradigms, such as “titulitis” or being a student who receives, instead of offering. Most of the professionals of the sector that I know have a totally different degree to their professional day to day and that shows of the versatility of the new professions in Internet. A world full of new opportunities and professional possibilities, but to get there you need an agile and professional training.

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