It is easy for an office to become dirty. Over time clutter and dust build up in offices, and some businesses are too caught up in corporate demands to think about cleanliness in the office – which is a big mistake.

4 Signs That Suggest Your Office Needs a Spring Clean

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This is because a clean and tidy workplace will motivate employees to be more productive, but a messy workplace will have the opposite effect. Employees will become less motivated and more distracted in a messy workplace, and this will affect their work. This means that your business will suffer.

Here are four signs that suggest that your office needs a spring clean.

You Recognise Old Stains

Do you recognise certain familiar stains in your office, such as a small dark spot on the carpet? If the stains in your office are so old that they are becoming part of the décor, it is time for a spring clean. You might need to call in a professional team, as your in-house team may not know how to get rid of the stain.

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Customers Have Complained

If customers have complained about the cleanliness of your office, you must arrange a spring clean. Your customers should never have to express dissatisfaction at the state of your office, as it reflects badly on your business. It could even mean that you lose out on potential customers.

4 Signs That Suggest Your Office Needs a Spring Clean2

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The Carpets Smell

Carpets are a great indicator of cleanliness. If they smell strange, it could indicate that there is mould or dust in the carpet, which can be dangerous for people with allergies. However, a quick vacuum won’t do the trick: it will remove some of the dust and debris, but it won’t kill mould. The best option is a professional cleaning team who specialize in cleaning carpets.

People Are Sneezing and Coughing

If your employees are constantly coughing and sneezing at work, it could mean that the office is filled with dangerous allergens. Even dust can be a big problem. According to the Huffington Post, 58% of people react badly to dust mites.

This can affect work performance, as it is likely that more people will ring in sick due to their allergies.

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