Everyone should eat a balanced, healthy diet, particularly when leading an active lifestyle when it is important to fuel the body effectively. But it can be hard to get sufficient nutrients when you are exercising hard, competing in an endurance sport, or simply rushing around to get to your next appointment or pick up the children from school. Specially designed snacks that incorporate strips of dried beef, flavoured and enhanced with herbs and spices, then pre-packaged so you can carry them with you, are convenient and nutritious. Also known as beef jerky, or biltong, beef and steak snacks are air-dried strips of beef that have been packaged for easy consumption. Here’s why you should consider these protein snacks to supplement your active, adventurous lifestyle.

  • Plenty of Protein

Beef jerky snacks are excellent paleo snacks and they contain high levels of essential protein. Protein is an essential nutrient for a variety of uses, including the effective repair and maintenance of muscle, good and lasting bone health, effective optimisation of the body’s blood sugar levels, support for your immune system, and optimum hair and skin health. Also, when you eat a diet that is high in protein you keep hunger pangs at bay, and that helps with general feelings of satisfaction as well as prevents overeating with unhealthy choices. Protein is so important, in fact, because it is a component in every single cell in the body. Generally when you lead an active lifestyle and play a sport or work out, you need more protein than a person leading a sedentary lifestyle.

  1. More than a Hint of Zinc

These paleo diet snacks contain good levels of zinc, an important nutrient that fulfils a number of functions in the human body. Zinc helps the immune system function correctly, and it also assists the body with wound healing. When you get enough zinc you may find you can fight off minor illness better, and feel stronger. Zinc also helps support the reproductive system, and improves the brain’s functioning.

  1. Inbuilt Iron

Beef snacks contain iron, which helps to send oxygen-rich blood around the body and also allows for the production of red blood cells. When you get good levels of iron you also help to prevent iron deficiency anaemia, which can be a particular problem in pregnancy.

  1. Bags of B Vitamins

Eating meat-based snacks provides a good supply of B vitamins which are essential to help you extract enough energy from the food you eat. B vitamins also maintain your nervous system, and help to make red blood cells. Many experts say that B vitamins ease stress, reduce your risk of heart disease, and help to treat anxiety and depressive conditions.

  1. Low Glycaemic Index (GI)

Beef snacks have a naturally low glycaemic index which means they can help to improve blood sugar control, maintain high levels of energy, improve the mood, and avoid energy slumps during the day. These entire factors put together mean that steak snacks like beef jerky are highly valuable for people who are on the move and active all day long.

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