Although there will be times when a full website redesign will be the best course of action for your business, you may not need to make such a large commitment to refresh your digital presence and provide your audience with an improved user experience.

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Well-chosen imagery

Internet users are becoming wise to stock imagery. Not only are generic images often dull and uninspiring but also they cannot accurately convey the ethos of your unique brand in the same way as a selection of personalised imagery. Your website needs to encourage your audience to trust and believe in your business; therefore, investing in unique imagery is an essential component of immediately creating the right first impression with every potential customer. This is particularly true for companies such as those that install and design Kitchens Swindon way as potential customers want to see the quality of the product and service that they are paying for.


You content should always be driven by the information your target audience is looking for, with headings and subheadings essential to deftly communicate at a glance what your audience can expect to learn from engaging with your website. Be smart with keywords, as they will help you to effectively target your message and attract the audience to which you are intending to appeal.

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Consistency is key

A cohesive and considered website will instil the confidence your audience needs to believe that you are a trustworthy business dedicated to securing the best results for your customers. Your web design and marketing agency should work closely with you to select fonts, design elements, imagery and a colour scheme that fully reflects your brand, providing your audience with a positive experience throughout their journey around your website.

Mobile-friendly and responsive design

The increase in mobile browsing prompted Google to start penalising websites that are not fully optimised for mobile. Your website must work seamlessly across different devices and browsers, delivering the same functionality to every visitor.

Address 404 errors

404 errors do not incur severe penalties from search engines; however, audiences are much less forgiving. Before clicking on a link, users already know what they want to achieve and expect to be delivered to their anticipated destination efficiently and accurately. 404 errors are frustrating; therefore, rather than spending time looking around your website for the information they need with no guarantee they will be able to find it, users will simply go elsewhere in a bid to save time.


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