Blogging is big business and there are many individuals earning huge amounts of money, some who have millions of global followers and others famed for their inspiration. Blogs are written about every subject you could imagine and successfully run by people from all walks of life. Let’s look at some of the most impressive success stories in online blogging:
Started by Michael Arrington who was working as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer in the United States. He realized that he had a passion for start-ups so began reviewing some of the most exciting new tech start-ups and business people. TechCrunch became the ‘go to’ information site for the tech industry and was eventually bought by AOL for $30 million! Arrington used the money to become an investor in start-ups such is his passion.

For all you personal style lovers out there, how would like to have such a successful blog that you get to launch your own shoe range? Well that’s what Chiara Ferragni achieved with her site that has millions of followers both in the U.S and Italy. She has since launched an online store and a shop in Milan. She has appeared on over 25 magazine covers and is the face of Amazon fashion!

8 of the most influential bloggers

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3. Lifehacker
If you’ve never seen this blog then it covers all manner of topics, providing hints and tips for just about any aspect of modern life. Founded by Gina Trapani, who has also written several successful books. She is very active on social media and is also the brains behind the ThinkUp app, offering helpful insights into daily life.

4. VentureBeat
This blog has established itself as a news leader for helping tech fans and entrepreneurs. Here you’ll find information and reviews on all the latest tech trends and business advice as written by the founder, Matt Marshall.

5. The Chriselle Factor
This blog is an interesting mix of fashion shots, relationship advice and beauty/interior design ideas. Chriselle Lim has achieved such huge success with her YouTube channel that she has landed contracts with the likes of Estee Lauder!

8 of the most influential bloggers2

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For inspirational and insightful blogging, Pat Flynn wins all the awards. He offers information and advice on how to achieve an income from various passive online activities. Allegedly he made $3 million in 6 years using different online methods. He often provides digital books and other fantastic offers which is why he retains such a huge and loyal fan base. To increase your site’s success, think about SEO Gloucester. For more information, visit

Anything you want to learn about internet marketing can be found here on Pauline Cabrera’s blog. It caters specifically to small business owners and how they can improve their internet visibility and is the ‘go to’ resource for many business owners. Featuring practical advice and tutorials, it’s easy to see why it’s been hugely successful.

This flagship blog was created by Arianna Huffington who was already a millionaire. She was able to use her money and connections to help the Huffington Post quickly become one of the most widely read and popular journals online. It features celebrity writers and professional journalists now and is definitely one of the online blogging giants.

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