Installing a tracking device in your car is an investment that can reduce your insurance. Car tracking devices also offer one of the most effective ways to protect your car against theft and other crime.

Are vehicle tracking devices worth the money

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How do tracking systems work?

Your car transmits a satellite signal back to a base computer, which monitors your vehicle’s exact location and speed; in fact, they help police to recover stolen vehicles every day. Your car tracking device is normally installed by a professional, but anyone with a bit of technical knowledge and tools can do the job; however, make sure that you check with your device supplier and insurance provider before fitting it yourself, as you may disqualify yourself from discounts.

Passive or active tracking?

A passive tracking system captures information from the moment the car is operated or the door opened. The system records all GPS information, vehicle speed and navigation. When the car arrives back at an agreed base, the captured data is downloaded. An active tracking system is exactly the same as passive, except all the data is captured and downloaded in real time. This means your car can be traced whether operational or not. Even in poor connectivity, the system will return to passive operation and download captured data later.

Are vehicle tracking devices worth the money2

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What does a GPS device offer?

The advantage with a GPS tracking device is that your car can be tracked anywhere in the world – provided you have a good GPS signal. This disadvantage is that if your car is hidden and the signal is lost, you cannot locate it. Your GPS tracking device is relatively cheap to install; however, it usually requires a monthly maintenance fee.

What does a VHF signal do?

The British police use a VHF (very high frequency) signal to successfully track stolen cars. The VHF signal is switched on when the car is stolen. A central monitoring system or the police are notified of your car’s location, and there is no monthly maintenance fee.

It is a good idea to speak with an expert vehicle tracking service such as to discuss the best way to track your car.

Vehicle tracking devices may be costly; however, the value they offer is the knowledge your car is as protected as it can be against crime and can be located if it is stolen.

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