Team building in a business organization is very important for improving social relationships, allowing workers to better understand each other, and even improve the work efficiency of employees. There are a variety of different activities that can be put in place as a way to help improve team building. One way of achieving this is to organize the furniture within a meeting room. But did you know that the way the furniture is arranged in meeting has a strong influence on team building.

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Here are some basic tips for positioning office furniture to enhance your team building sessions:

When organizing your meeting room, you have to consider the position of desks and ergonomic office chairs, in accordance with how the message in the meeting needs to be delivered by the speaker to the audience. For example, by placing tables and chairs facing the speakers in the meeting, employees will feel more involved with the conference and be able to have more of an input into a business discussion. The set up and style of a meeting should encourage learning among the participants in the meeting, as well as to encourage easy interaction between employees as a way of encouraging them to work as a team.

One action that comes highly recommended when organizing a meeting room is to put chairs and tables in close proximity, particularly important if the meeting is one that requires the taking of notes. This makes it far easier for employees to quickly make notes in a way that enables them to provide information feedback to colleagues. For all your Gloucester Office Furniture needs, visit a site like

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The type of furniture to include in the meeting room

There are some vital pieces of office furniture that you should consider when arranging the meeting room and these include office desks, ergonomic office chairs and benches. These three types of office furniture are a must, allowing employees to get comfortable, concentrate and take notes while sitting in a business meeting.

While that may be obvious, the best way to arrange the pieces of furniture in the conference room may not be as obvious.

Best way to prepare meeting room furniture:

Theatre Style

One way to organize a meeting room with furniture is the positioning. A theatre arrangement is where the seats are arranged in rows facing the stage or to the front of the room. Usually there is a large space left in the middle of the room to allow the movement of people. This meeting style helps to maximize the meeting room space, and especially works well in workshop meetings that do not require taking a lot of notes.

Classroom Style

Classroom style is where rows of tables are set up, with two or three tables in each row. Both the chairs and tables face the front of the room, making this style is suitable for meetings featuring informal presentations. This is particularly encouraging for dialogue between the speaker and the audience.

Conference style

This style is where large tables are centrally placed in the room to form a large joined up surface. Chairs are placed around the table. This encourages the collection of ideas. Everyone has enough space and can interact freely with others, encouraging space to build a great team.


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