The forecast is bleak for our Planet’s Future if we don’t drastically change our ways!  Global Warming, Climate Change, the fragile and precarious state of the Natural Environment, to ensure a Brighter Future for our children and future generations we MUST change our modern Building Methods and go back to the more sustainable option of Timber.  Thankfully, there are at last a few innovative, forward-thinking companies who are supplying quality Timber Frame Kits to professional builders and progressive individuals who understand the urgent need for change.  These complete Timber Frame Kits can be designed to your specifications and delivered to wherever you decide to build your new, environmentally friendly home.

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Building with Timber has long been the traditional way to construct homes that are naturally warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Timber is sturdy yet lightweight compared to other materials that are man made, it can be crafted into different designs easily and is the best option for sustainability.  Beautiful, ready to erect, by you or their professional builders, complete, Timber Frame Kits that are designed and created off-site ready for easy assembly.  This is affordable, sustainable, practical Housing, provided by a specialist company with an exemplary reputation and many years of experience.

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From concept to creation to completion, they can provide a team of designers and builders to help you construct your unique, Timber building project every step of the way.

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