In the recent past it has been almost impossible to read coverage of the internet advertising industry without coming across a mention of how much mobile use is having an impact on browsing habits and businesses.

With more searches generated by mobile devices by the day and more marketing money poured into catering to this audience, even search engines have gone all out to pander to the portable sector.

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First Google and then Bing started indicating which sites are mobile-friendly so that users can click through only to pages that will appear properly on their touchscreen displays.  This is why businesses like a Vape Shop Gloucester way found at links including are mobile friendly as these days more and more people are searching on their mobile devices instead of computers.

In amongst all of this commotion, it is easy for companies to forget about people using desktop PCs and laptops to scour the web for deals on the products and services they need in their everyday lives. But comScore statistics suggest that desktop use is not dying off, as some might have expected.

So should you give into the pressure to put all of your efforts into mobile optimisation, or is it still a good idea to make sure that desktop users are satisfied before emerging platforms are considered?

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The reality of the matter is not that mobile devices are cannibalising browsing time from desktop computers; instead, analysts have revealed that being able to access the internet from a handheld gadget is merely increasing the amount of time that people spend online each day. Periods during the morning and evening are being dominated by mobile use, but throughout working hours it is desktop machines that remain in the lead as people sit down to get things done.

So positioning mobile and desktop as opposed to one another is an act that misses out on the reality of their mutually beneficial coexistence.

Platform Elasticity

Further to the increasingly friendly relationship that is shared between mobile and desktop, it is sensible to consider the ways in which a multi-platform approach to internet marketing can be advantageous to modern businesses.

Companies running a PPC campaign in AdWords will want to achieve excellent visibility for target keywords on both desktop and mobile SERPs, with the tactics for achieving this largely identical between platforms. It is simply necessary to ensure that landing pages are mobile-friendly to ensure that their organic mobile search rank is up to scratch.

In addition, it is important to consider the extent to which your organisation has invested in standalone mobile app experiences. While spending on standard internet marketing can be of benefit for both mobile and desktop, placing too much emphasis on an app is less helpful due to the fact that these solutions typically exclude the people who are still spending much of the day on a PC.

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