Sometimes, such as when you have a larger cargo to transport, your regular car is not enough. You may need to hire a van. For some people, this is an easy enough process, but for others, there can be unexpected barriers. This includes certain prejudices against older drivers that can make it harder to find a company willing to lend to you.

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What is the law about older drivers?

The UK does not have a strict age limit for when you have to stop driving, but you do have to renew your licence every three years from the age of 70. A standard driving licence allows you to drive a van as long as its load is less than 3500kg. Therefore, there is no legal reason why a driver over 70 with a valid licence should be unable to hire a van.

So why do some companies have upper age limits on van hire?

Of course, there are other possible restrictions on driving other than the law, such as the ability to obtain insurance. Older drivers are often considered a higher risk. They are more likely to have health problems, including blindness or reduced vision, mobility issues, or impairments to cognition and memory. They may be taking medications that cause tiredness or slow reactions.

Are there companies that allow 70-year-olds to hire a van?

Every company has its own policies. Where there is a maximum age, it is normally somewhere between 65 and 75. For example, one option for van rental Bristol is, which requires drivers to be between 25 and 70. For other companies, there is no explicit age limit but older drivers may have to pass more stringent medical checks.

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In short, yes, it is legal for a van hire service to provide vans to those over 70, but many companies will still institute age limits to manage the perceived increased risk and possible higher insurance costs. You will need to research carefully to ensure you find a company that is still willing to let you hire a car if you are 70 or older.

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